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Do You Want to Be Blonde or Brunette!

Do you want to be blonde or brunette?


With the crowd of colors and names that are countless from the advertised hair dyes, show its magical advantages, and asks us to enjoy its bright circle, women ask a frequent question: which color suit my hair mostly?

Did you try many hair dyes and did not get the same color tone that you wanted? Did you found after dying your hair that this color does not suit your skin tone?

If the answer of these questions are yes then we are offering you some tips and easy steps to get a suitable hair color that suits your skin tone too:

Hair specialists advise to choose a hair color that suits both of the skin tone and the eyes color.

White or light skin tone:

Suitable colors are medium blonde, dark blonde, warm red, light brown, mahogany or burgundian.

Colors that should be avoided are dark brown, black, golden blonde, light blonde or coppery.


Medium or wheat-colored skin tone:

Suitable colors are dark chocolate brown, medium brown, maroon, dark gold or mahogany.

Colors you should avoid are golden blonde or reddened black.

Dark skin tone:

Suitable colors are maroon, all browns, dark gold, golden blonde, warm red, honey blonde, black, bronze.

Highlighted hair colors that are suitable are coppery, red, blonde, gold, light brown.

Colors that you should avoid are blued black or light blonde.


Tips before dying hair at home:

1-It is preferred to put the dye over dry and clean hair. Beauticians advise you to wash your hair with water and shampoo only one day before dying your hair. Use hair conditioner one week before dying your hair to protect from damage.

2-Use leather gloves and put a piece of cloth over your neck to protect the skin from the dye. You can use a little bit of Vaseline on forehead for protection also.

3-Follow the time instructions mentioned on the dye bottle to get the best results.

4-Try the dye on a lock of hair first to see whether the color is suitable or not.

5-If you got a color that is darker than the one you want then take the same quantity from the same used color tone from shampoo and put the mixture over hair for 5 minutes then wash.

6-To keep the hair color you should use shampoo and hair conditioner that are suitable for dyed hair.

7-Many women face a problem when choosing the hair dyes and it is that they don’t get the same color on the box, so beauticians advise the dark-haired women to choose a color that is twice lighten from the tone that she need. The same matter for light-haired women who should get a twice-darker color than the one she needs as if she wants the color maroon then buy dark maroon.

Choose a suitable color that matches your hair color to get a beautiful look instead of a pale one.

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