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Doll Chair from Toilet Paper Tube

DIY Doll Chair from Toilet Paper Tube

A little bit about the project…

We would see that how a trash could be a treasure. There are lots things beside us, most of the thing we seem useless. But we could make many useable things from those. We would see how we could make a very comfortable doll chair to put in the dollhouse or room box. We think the tube of the toilet paper is useless after using the toilet paper and most of the time we threw it into the dustbin. So let’s see how we could make it useable by making a doll chair.

Let’s see what ingredients are necessary for making this chair…

  • At first you need a toilet paper tube.
  • Then you need glue.
  • Then you need a craft knife.
  • A cutter needed.
  • A scale to fix the accurate size.
  • You need a pencil or pen to draw the area.
  • You need a plain paper.
  • You need some soft piece paper or thin foam.
  • You need some colorful clothes or paper. You might use fabric.
  • You need some little piece of hardboard or any hard paper.
Doll Chair from Toilet Paper Tube
Doll Chair from Toilet Paper Tube

Now we would see the method how could we make this nice craft for dollhouse or room box.

  • Firstly we would take the tube of toilet paper and with a scale we would make margin on the cube about one inch.
  • Then you would cut the tube according to the margin with a craft knife very carefully.
  • Then you would make four equal margins on the plain paper with a pen or pencil. The margin might be one inch but the first margin would be 1.14 inch. Then you would fold the merge paper first, and then again after the margin.  Now you would draw two circles on the plain paper according to the tube.
  • Now you would just cut the large part of the margin paper.
  • Then you would fold the rest paper and cut it like a round from the corner, and again from the same place to the opposite part of the corner rounder. You would cut it roundly to the down.
  • Then you would get a shape. Then you would cut the plain paper like a round circle. You would cut it keeping some space.
  • For the next step you need hardboard. There you would cut the hardboard in the same process like the plain paper.
  • Then you would cover the up, and down the site of the tube with round shape plain paper with glue. It is the base of the chair.
  • Then you need some fabric. You would cut it according plain paper, and hardboard.
  • You might use some soft paper or foam on the upper side of the chair base and on the hardboard.
  • Then you would put the fabric pieces on the base, and the hardboard. Firstly you would attach the fabric prices on the base of the chair with Then you would put it on the back part and inner parts of the hardboard.
  • After attaching the fabric you would put the base tube on the middle of the hardboard. Then you would attach the both parts of the hardboard with glue like a round circle, and keep it sometime in the same position until it becomes dry.
  • Then you would set the round part of the hardboard on the place of the seat. You would attach it with glue.
  • Now it’s complete.

Now you are the owner of a very comfortable doll chair from a toilet paper tube. You could try it, and could have a very comfortable doll chair for your dollhouse.

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