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We Did a Hell for You

The devil inside me

Our lives are long journey of miseries. Who says we can live happily? Maybe some people can say that or they will find out that it’s true, but not on my case.

I’ve heard many opinions, points of views and even deepest thoughts, but where should I go? Maybe if I know, I can solve my problem.

Other people say that it is just a matter of luck and I agree with this opinion too, but I couldn’t believe when someone says that he spend his life with happiness, I can say in this situation one hundred percent that he is cheating on us and mostly to himself.

My friends say to me to look at the glass which is half-filled with water. I answered: “Do you have a wife like my wife? I cannot see even the glass because of her, now how do you want me to look at the water”!

My family told me that I brought this problem to our lives. I just answered that I didn’t know that she is a terrible woman as she was a very pretty and a sensitive lady. I didn’t know she was acting to hide her real personality. I don’t have a crystal glass to know the future. But suppose if I have a crystal glass do you think I will believe in it, or I will follow my heart? Certainly, I will follow my heart. I am just a human and I cannot stop my heart from loving her. I do believe that my family was right, and I am responsible for all of these.

My daughter is growing now and she acts like her mother. My wife taught her everything and my daughter became her right hand. She is imitating her mom to lie to me in different issues. She looks at me as an enemy.

Her new game now is to control my work and focuses on collecting money, and her right hand – my daughter – has taken her place to look out at the window. She is always watching all the people, and when her mom came back, my daughter would tell her everything about the building, or what happened while she is absent.

My wife destroyed everything and as a consequence, I decided to sell my factory and my shops. I will put all my money in the bank.

After a few years, I became ill. The doctors told me that I have a cancer. Why me?!! Not my wife?!!!

Do the bad people always win? She married me because of my money and she is finally going to get everything she wishes. As a result, I decided to sell my house too, but she refuses because she wants to watch my family, but I insisted to sell it and I didn’t care about her opinion. I also told her that she will not get my money.

I sold my flat, but my wife and our daughter refuse to move from the flat and because of that, the new owner brings them to the police to get out of the apartment.

I divorced my wife, and I left my daughter with her. I also took all my money, and then I disappeared.

To be continued…

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