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Episode IV Pieces Of Hell

Episode IV Pieces Of Hell

Choose a Cup of Doom

After the earth swallowed him, the dead man found himself in front of three gates. The hopes were blowing inside himself and saying: The court will help me prove that I was not a guilty, or a bad person one day.

In each gate, there was a man standing in front of it like guards that whenever the people will ask one of the guards: “Where is the court?” Or “Which is the correct gate, what should I choose?”

The guards did not answer their questions, the only thing they do is just pointing a paper on fire hanging on each gate, and each paper was describing what will happen if you choose this gate!

In the first paper, it was written: “If you enter my gate, each part of your body will be a witness.”

In the second paper, it was written: “I am tormented without end.”

In the third paper, it was written: “Swallow what you want from the fire, sleep on the thorns, and drink from the flame.”

The dead man read the three papers, but he felt bafflement and when he looked around him, he found an old man sitting between the three gates, and weeping so badly.

The dead man asked the old man: “Which is the correct gate?” At this moment the old man looks at the dead man, and starts laughing as a crazy man.

The old man said: “There is no right gate here, do not you get it?”

The dead man didn’t like the old man’s answer and because of that, he left him and the old man went back to crying again.

Then the dead man saw the dark angel standing on a hilltop. So he decided to go there, hoping that this dark angel could help him, but when he reached there he found many crowds surrounding dark angel, and they were asking him the same question, but no answer.

The only thing that the dark angel was doing is – When anyone from the crowd asks him, the dark angel will take that person, starts to shut his mouth and let him stand beside him. Even if the dark angel was shutting his mouth, his hands and eyeballs were moving just to look and catch everyone who asked him – “Where is the court? “

For this reason the dead man decided to return to the gates and the old man was still crying there so he asked:  “Why do you howl?”


The Gate
The Gate

The old man looks at him and answered: “When I reached here, I found these three gates, yet I didn’t know what is the right gate. I have to choose! Like you.

So I kept my decision waited until knowing the right gate, after a while they told me I lost my case at the court of investigation, so the pain that I felt inside was increasing rapidly. Now, I want to give you an advice, don’t do it like what I did and choose one of them, don’t wait for more time, no one can help you.

When the dead man looks at the old man’s face, he said: “I think I already saw you. Have we ever met before?”

The old man replied: “It doesn’t matter, all the people you see here were the great folks before such as; Presidents, leaders, and celebrities from different countries.” 

The old man said: “Focus on the gate.”

The dead man looks at the three gates, and he asks himself:  “What is the right gate for me?”

To be continued…



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