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Episode VI Pieces of Hell

Episode VI Pieces of Hell

Tell Me!

One of the judges told the dead man: “Introduce yourself to us”.

The dead man asked the man who was holding a big hammer: “Is he the GOD??”

The man who was holding a big hammer didn’t answer, but instead he said to him: “You are here to answer their questions and not to ask”. Then he hits the dead man with the hammer.

And the dead man’s scream echoed across the court. That’s why he starts answering the question, but yet still with pride:

I am The greatest and richest man in my country, I served my country with honesty and honor, I am a God in my country and all the people know my name even the fetuses in the wombs of mothers know my name, and I believe you know my name too.

The judge commented: “You served your country with honesty and honor. We will see.

The judge then gives an order to start with his wife’s case, and he starts reading the case.

I am the wife, and here is my story:

I was married from a man who was rich, and he belonged to a famous family. We had sons, and I was living a quiet, happy life, and stable until this day happened. One of my friends invited me to a party, and my husband these days was traveling, he was out of the country for a business trip.

Hence, I accepted her invitation. The party was enjoyable, crowded, and my friend started introducing me to the people who were invited there.

All invitees were the highest social class some of them were famous, or rich, or nobles.

My friend presented me for everyone in the party except one man; he was sitting in a huge chair in a dark place at a party, and he was holding a glass of wine for drinking, also he was watching the rest of the people.

Around him was many men, in addition they were making a half circle around him, they were wearing black suits, and they looked like his bodyguards, they didn’t drink, also they didn’t dance, and then my friend said

” I think you will like to see my new CDs you can find them in this room, I have a great library, and you’ll love it”

I entered this room, and I spent there a few minutes. When I went out of this room, I found out all the people in the party disappeared even my friend, and when I tried to go out I found the men who were wearing the black suits prevent me from going out, then one of them dragged me to another room.

This room was a bedroom, and the man who was sitting on the huge chair, he was in this bedroom, lying in the bed without clothes, and he said:

“Come here baby, all this party was for you and to be with me in my bed”  but I refused his offer, and I said “How dare you to behave this way in front of me, and who are you to say that for me! “

At this moment, when he heard my words began talking like a madman, and he began to insult me, he started talking like a God.

After that, he ordered his men to take me to another room. When I entered this room I saw an extremely large bath full of dead people some of them were in a bath, and some of the bodies were hanging on the walls, I felt dizzy and faint, when I woke up and I found myself in the hospital.

To be continued…

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