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Eyes Problems (Solutions for Tired Eyes and Puffy Eyes)

How Can I Reduce My Puffy Eyes with Naturally Solutions

5 Types of Home Remedies to Reduce The Tired and Puffy Eyes

Chamomile and cucumbers solves some of the problems:

The area surrounding the eye it is the most sensitive areas, vulnerable to your mood, if you’re under pressure you will find your eyelids start to be reddish, and it appears fatigue.

Therefore we offer you from your kitchen natural simple, and easy solutions, can help you to eliminate puffiness around the eye, or redness, or inflammation.

Chamomile, or green tea, or red tea:

It features Chamomile to contain anti-inflammatory substance. A green tea also contains the red acid which helps in calming the area around the eye, and gets rid of the bulge, a red tea contains caffeine which is a holding of blood vessels, and it reduces the inflammation, to preparation of the product, fill bags (chamomile, red or green tea) in a boiling water for 3 minutes, then put the bags in the refrigerator until cool, and put on your eyes for 15 minutes.

Cold spoons:

Cold spoons used for constriction of blood vessels, or any swelling of the eyelids.

Take only 4 tablespoons, put them in the ice cubes, after they get cool, put each spoon on your eye until the cold spoon become warm, transfer the cold spoons on your eyes, repeat after this process until it disappears.

Cold milk:

According to the theory of temperature that was done in cold spoons this method is similar to end the result. Put the frozen milk in deep dish, with two pieces of ice, you can use a piece of cotton to put it on your eyes, until the piece of cotton gets warm. Also repeat after the process more than once.

Cucumber slices:

Are old, but effective, and you can stop swelling, or inflammations, because this option contains material holding, have a therapeutic effectively to solve the eyes problems.

Cut the cucumber into medium thickness slices, Put slides on the snowboard till they get cold. Then put them over your eyes, for 10 minutes or 15 minutes, and then rinse your face with cold water.

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