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Famous Writers in Macedonia

Famous writers in Macedonia

Macedonian Writers:

On all sides we are surrounded by screens, monitors, displays, therefore, not surprising that we have forgotten what a thrill when you hold a book in their hands and completely drown in it.

Reading is the mental gymnastics.

Somehow we missed that reading is more than entertainment, or obligation – in the case of schoolchildren and students.

One recent study confirmed that in addition to reading mental activation increases your ability to call, mind reading.

More specifically, the reading of literary works nurtures skills known as the “theory of mind or theory in edition, the ability to “read” the thoughts, and feelings of others.

Reading can you relax and calm down.

If you want to change something and to familiarize new authors we suggest you the best Macedonian authors.


Macedonian Best Writers:

Blaze Koneski

Poet, prose writer, linguist, essayist, translator, literary historian. He is born on 19th December 1921 in Prilep. He died on 7th December 1993 in Skopje.

This is work of Blaze koneski:

  • Land and Love,
  • A Grammar of the Macedonian Literary Language The Macedonian Literary Language (1959),
  • Poems (1953),
  • The Embroideress (poetry, 1955),
  • The Vineyard (short stories, 1955),
  • Dictionary of the Macedonian language (1961),
  • Poems (1963),
  • A history of the Macedonian Language (1965),
  • Sterna (poetry, 1966),
  • Hand – Shaking (narrative poem, 1969),
  • The Language of the Macedonian Folk poetry (1971),
  • Speeches and Essays (1972),
  • Notes (poetry, 1974),
  • Poems old and new (poetry, 1979),
  • Places and Moments (poetry, 1981),
  • The Fountains (poetry, 1984),
  • The Epistle (poetry, 1987),
  • The Tikves anthology (study, 1987),
  • Meeting in Heaven (poetry, 1988),
  • The Church (poetry 1988),
  • A diary after many years (prose, 1988),
  • Golden peak (poetry, 1989),
  • Poetry (Konstantin Miladinov),
  • The Heavenly River (poems and translations, 1991)
  • The world of the Legend and the Song (essays, 1993),
  •  The Black Ram (poetry, 1993).


Famous Authors in Macedonia:

Aleksandar Aco Shopov:

He was born in Stip, 1923 and die in Skopje, 1982.He is one of the most important poets of Southeastern Europe He took part in World War 2 in Yugoslavia (1941–45) and his poems is written at that time and they are published as Pesni (Poems) in Kumanovo and Belgrade in 1944, and Stip in the next year. Pesni is the first poetry collection who is published in the Macedonian language.

Aco Sopov work:

  • Poems
  • Railways of Youth
  • On Gramos. Skopje 1950.
  • With Our Hands. Skopje: State Book Publisher of Macedonia. 1950.
  • Verses of Suffering and Joy. Skopje. 1952.
  • Merge with Silence. Skopje1955.
  • Winds Bring Nice Weather. Skopje: Kočo Racin. 1957.
  • Skopje: Kočo Racin. 1963.
  • The Word’s Nativity. Skopje: Misla. 1966.
  • Yus-Universum. Skopje: Misla. 1968.
  • Reading the Ashes. Skopje: Makedonska Kniga. 1970.
  • Song for the Black Woman. Skopje: Misla. 1976.
  • A Tree on a Bare Hill. Skopje. Misla. 1980.


Kosta Apostolov Solev

Kosta Apostolov Solev

Primarily known as poet Koco Racin he was born at 22 December 1908, and die 13 June 1943, he is a Macedonian partisan and author His poem collection White Dawns) is one of the important masterpieces in Macedonian modern literature. Racin wrote prose too and created significant works from philosophy, history and literary critique. Racin start to write in 1928.

Zagreb start to review and published hus first song Hungry sons.

From May until October 1930, Racin published 4 songs in a Saraevo In 1932 in Skopje, Koco Racin with Jovan Gjorgjevic and Aleksandar Aksic published a poem in Serbian with title “1932”. In this collection is the poem “Firework” one of Koco Racin strongest poems.

Next poem was “To a Worker” is first poem in Macedonian. In 1938, “The death of the Asturian miner” was published in honor of Ganco Hadzipanzov, a miner from Veles, who is killed in the Spanish Civil War.


Slavko Janevski

Was born in January 11, 1920, and he died in Skopje – January 20, 2000. He was a renowned Macedonian poet, prose and script writer. From 1945 onwards Slavko was editor of the first magazine called “Pioneer”. He is the author for first novel to be written in Macedonian language As script writer Slavko adapted historical drama Macedonian bloody wedding in 1967. Slavko Janevski received a lot awards, among “AVNOJ” 1968 and “for the book “Thought”


  • The Blood-stained thread (1945),
  • Pioneers, Boys and Girls, (poetry for children, 1946),
  • A Million Martyrs (poem for children, 1948),
  • The Aegean gunpowder tale (poetry for children, 1949),
  • Poems (1950),
  • The street (a story, 1950),
  • Lyric (1951),
  • The Village beyond the Seven Ash-trees (novel, 1952),
  • Sugar story (a story for children, 1952),
  • Clowns and People (short stories, 1956),
  • The two Marias (novel, 1956),
  • Bread and stone (poetry, 1957),
  • The Sleep-walker (novel, 1959),
  • The Shadow of Karamba Baramba (poetry for children, 1959),
  • Martians and Mice (poetry for children, 1959),
  • Bitter Legends (travelogue, 1962),
  • Both Pain and Rage (novel, 1964),
  • Black and Yellow (poetry for children, 1967),
  • Kainavelia (poetry, 1968),
  • The stubborn ones (novel, 1970),
  • Sultry days (short stories, 1972),
  • The Chest (short stories, 1976),
  • The Chained Apple (poetry, 1978),
  • Astropeus (poetry, 1979),
  • Kites (poetry, 1983),
  • The Miracles of Awfulness (1984),
  • The nine Centuries of the Cherub (novel, 1987),
  • Deaf Commands (selection of poetry, 1988),
  • Dog’s Woods (poetry, 1988),
  • Miracle Workers (novel, 1988),
  • Behind the secret door (short stories, 1993),
  • The continent of Kukulino (prose, 1996),
  • Puppy Paff in the town of Sumsul (book for children 1996),
  • Puppy Paff watches from the space (1996),
  • Puppy Paff the master of Dreams (1996),
  • The dump (novel, 2000).


Vanco Nikoleski

Vanco Nikoleski was born in the village of Red Water – Debarca Ohrid. Primary school he ends in the village, high school in Ohrid, and teaching school in Skopje. After the teacher school, he taught in many villages around the country.

After the liberation of Macedonia Nikoleski starts working as a journalist, and editor of the newspaper “Titov pioneer” in children’s shows on Radio Radio Skopje and Bitola. Since 1950, he was a member of the Writers of Macedonia.

“Makedoncheto” (first collection of poems for children of Macedonian, 1946)

“Mice” (Poem, 1947)

“School Bell” (poems, 1947)

“First joy” (poems, 1947)

“Babi vretence” (poems, 1948)

“By the fire” (poems, 1948)

“Grandparents ‘stories’ (poems, 1950)

“Colourful bag” (poems, 1950)

“Fatherland” (poems, 1950)

“My village” (poems, 1950)

“Wonderful World” (poems, 1952)

“Miracle flute” (stories, 1952)

“My Day” (picture book, 1952)

“Get up, elbows” (poems, 1952)

“Fraternal friendship” (stories and fables, 1953)

“Fourteen thousand blinded” (historical poem Czars Samuel, 1954)

“Stories and fables for children” (1955)

“Strange Stories” (stories, 1958)

“Color considered” (picture book, 1960)

“Magic Saddle” (novel, 1962)

“Tales from my village” (stories, 1964)

“Gotse Delchev” (novel, 1964)

“Odd grandfather” (poems, 1964)

“Under Viorel flag” (novel, 1967)

“Tales from the magic house” (stories, 1970)

“The Little Hunter” (stories, 1970)

“Stanko sleeper” (poems, 1972)

“Starry Nights” (poems, 1973)

“Handles sissy” (poems, 1973)

“Bloody years” (Chronicle-novel)

“Living Book” (stories, 1978)




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