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Famous Writers of Bangladesh

Famous Writers of Bangladesh


Jahanara Imam

Jahanara Imam was a Bangladeshi writer and political Activist. She was popularly known as “Saheed janani” (Mother of Martyrs). She was born in a prosperous Muslim family on May 3rd, 1929 in Murshidabad, West Bengal (British India) and died on June 26th, 1994.  She received her Bachelor degree from Calkata University in 1947. She was a lecturer of Teacher’s Training College Dhaka. She prepared full time Teaching and spent most of the time of her life.

After the independence of Bangladesh she started her bookish career. Her wartime diary “Ekattorer Dinguli” was her well recognized book. This book got a seminal event in the history of Bangladesh. She contributes a lot in the independence of Bangladesh. She is we-known for bringing out war criminals in Bangladesh liberation war. She was honored with “Bangla Academy Award” as well as “Posthumously Independence Award.”


Zahir Raihan

Zahir Raihan was a famous Bangladeshi writer, novelist and filmmaker. He is perchance best famous for is documentary “stop Genocide” made during the Bangladesh liberation war. He was born on august 19th, 1935 at Feni of Bangladesh and died on 1972. He obtained Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Bengali from the University of Dhaka.

The first short story of this renowned writer was “Surya Grahan” and it was published in 1955. He wrote the story “Jibon Theke Neya.” Later a film was made according to this story and it was highly acclaimed. Some of his best books are Shesh Bikeler Meye (The Girl from the Afternoon), Hajar Bochhor Dhore (Through Thousand Years), Arek Falgun(Another Falgun Day), Borof Gola Nodi(The River of Icy Waters) Ar Kata Din(For How Long) Koyekti Mrittu(A Few Deaths) Trishna(Thirst). He was honored with “Bangla academy award” as well as “Adamjee Literature Award”.


Humayun Ahmed

Humayun Ahmed was a famous Bangladeshi author, dramatist, play writer and filmmaker. He is considered as the cultural legend of Bangladesh. He was born in a prosperous Muslim family on November 13th in Mohanganj of Netrokona and died on July 19th. Ahmed passed SSC exam from Bogra in 1965. He stood second in the merit list in Rajshahi Education Board. He passed HSC from Dhaka College in 1967. He studied Chemistry from Dhaka University and received P.H.D in polymer chemistry. He earned BSC (Honors) and MSC degree with first division.

Ahmed writing was characterized as magic realism. He wrote over 200 fiction books. This famous writer reached crest of his reputation with the publication of his novel “Nondoto Noroke” (In Blissful Hell) in 1972, which remains one of the most renowned mechanism, alluring gratitude from literary cities.


Anisul Hoque

Anisol Hoque was a famous Bangladeshi play writer, dramatist, novelist, and journalist. He was born on March 4th 1965 in Rangpur of Bangladesh. He passed SSC from Rangpur Zila High School in 1981 and HSC from Rangpur Carmichael College in 1983. He graduated from Bangladesh University of engineering and technology (BUET) and qualified as a civil engineer.

He wrote lots of Poetry, Novels and Television Drama. Some of his well-known poetries are Khola Chithi Sundarer Kachhe, Asole Ayur Cheye Baro Shaadh Tar Akash Dekhar and Jalrang Padya, etc. He received Bangla Academy Award.


Begum Roquia

Begum Roquia was a prolific Bangladeshi writer. She contributed a lot on the gender equality. She was born on December 9th, 1880 in Rangpur, Bangladesh and died on 1932. She was one of the Muslim feminist. She established lots of educational institution for girls.

 She started her literary career with a Bengali essay named “Pipasa” (Thirst). She has written lots of short stories and aristocracy. Her significant and mark able books are “Sultanar Sopno” (Sltana’s Dream) and “Podmarag.” She is model for the feminist. This prolific writer spent her whole life for the welfare of the people.  


Manik Bondopodhay

Manik Bondopodhay was a short story writer and novelist. He is considered as one of the leading light of Bengali fiction. He was born on May 19th, 1908 in Dumka, Bengal presidency and died on December 3rd, 1956 at culkata.

He created 36 nobles and 177 short stories. His mark able creations are works are Padma Nadir Majhi (The Boatman on The River Padma) and Putul Nacher Itikatha (The Puppet’s Tale), Shahartali (Suburbia) and Chatushkone (The Quadrilateral). He created lots of creativity in his short life and those would keep him alive forever.

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