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Fashion Mistakes That Men Fall In !!!

7 Men’s Essential Pieces for this Season
  1. Long shirt with long collar gives a beautiful look

-This advice is not suitable with short people with thick neck since they will find that the shirt’s sleeves longer than their arms, so designers suggests wearing a custom shirt sewed at tailor’s shop with accurate dimensions of your body.

  1. Filling the closet with smart suits

                -intending to have a full closet of suits, which is not reliable, especially if you are one of those youths who prefer wearing simple clothes even in formal occasions, so it is recommended in this case to rent only one of those suits in formal occasions that only a suit can work in that situation.

  1. Wearing elegant clothes doesn’t mean feeling comfortable

                -The comfort feel is not limited only for sportswear, but for formal wear also because feeling uncomfortable will be reflected on your clothes whichever its style, which takes part in forming unwanted look. In this case, it is recommended to wear a jeans jacket with dark color over simple shirt with hat cover.

  1. Loose clothes make you look thin

                -Unlike this argument, loose clothes give a feeling of enormous body, but normal fit clothes to your body make it appear even thinner.

  1. Closing the very bottom button of the suit’s jacket

-Many men go for this step without being aware that this look reduces their elegance, so designers suggest closing just the upper or bottom button or both since it sculpt the waist part and highlight your body in a slim way.

  1. Wearing a suit is suitable anytime anywhere

                -This theory is a myth since it is not logical to wear a suit in a friends’ party where all of them sear jeans and simple shirts.

  1. Following the celebrities steps

                -Following this advice makes you away of the track in the middle of ordinary people who wear simple clothes away from complications.

  1. Trousers will fit you best after being washed several times

                -This theory doesn’t work with loose pants with large pockets. If you own one of these pants then it is better to edit its measure at sewer’s shop.

  1. Buying clothes at one time will last forever

                -This advice can be followed only in one situation that is at the store, which has the collection you prefer that is a rare situation. You might feel bored sometime from these styles, so buy few items over long intervals and from several stores.

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