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Fish Filet with Curry Cream Sauce Recipe

Easy Pan-Fried Fish Curry Cream Sauce Recipe

How to make fish cubes with curry cream sauce



Half a kilo of fish fillet, sliced
1 Chopped onion
2 Tablespoons of sunflower oil
¼ Cup of shredded carrots
Coconut milk or cream
Salt and black pepper (to taste)
1 Tablespoon of curry
Half a teaspoon of ground cumin
¼ Cup chopped fresh celery



  1. Put the pan on a medium heat, add the oil and the chopped onion, and stir over the fire until the color of the onion becomes a light golden color. Add the fish slices and stir with the onions.
  2. Add a grated carrot and stir, then pour a cup of coconut milk or cream.
  3. Add salt and the rest of the spices, minutes before the fish is cooked and the cream becomes thick, add the chopped celery.
  4. Serve the fish dish while it is hot with white rice or sayadia rice.

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