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Fruit and Nut Salad Recipe of Bangladeshi Recipes

Fruit and Nut Salad Recipe


About the recipe:

Fruit and nut salad is a famous salad recipe of Bangladesh. Though it prepared by the people in most of the time of the year as a healthy recipe, it is highly prepared in the holy month of Ramadan as healthy ifter. It is a very delicious and healthy salad recipe among the world of salad recipes. It is a very easy recipe in the world of healthy recipes. Anybody could be able to make this healthy salad recipe. You could have a nice dish with this healthy recipe. You could serve this recipe with any kinds of bread also. You could have a great dish with your family. You could also make your special guest pleased with this recipe. Let’s see the ingredients and method how could you make this easily at your home.


Ingredients you need for Fruit & Nut Salad recipe:

At first you need 12-14 pieces of dated. You must wash those and clean those properly. After cleaning those then you would remove the stone from those.
You need 12 pieces of canned peach.
You need 1 cup of mashed.
You need 2-4 cups of roasted cashew nut. You should definitely try to use roasted cashew nut.
Then you need 2-4 cup of mayonnaise.
Now you need 2-4 bunch lettuce. You must use the chopped pieces of bunch lettuce.
Then you need 2 pieces of sliced tomato. You could as much you want.
You need 4 teaspoon of green chutney. Two teaspoon of tomato chutney is also needed.
The limit of ingredients would be depending up to you. When you would make this recipe for many people you would fix the limit of ingredients.


Our ingredients are ready now we would see the method of cooking this tasty recipe.

At First you would merge properly the mashed, mayonnaise, lettuce and green chutney. You would make it sure that those should be made like a paste.
Then you would make a level of it in a flat surface basin.
Now you would muddle up properly the dates, tomato chutney, peaches and cashew nuts. Then you would put those on the first layer. This paste would be on the ground of the pot and it would the first layer.
Then at the last stage you would decorate it with sliced tomato on the summit. You would put the tomato on the above trimly. The layer of sliced tomato would be on the second layer.
Now our recipe is ready to serve.
While serving you would bear in mind that the serving must be done properly. A nice serving would give you a nice preface of the recipe and would get a great taste of eating. This recipe is tasty as well as very healthy in lieu of the other healthy recipes. You could cook this recipe whenever you wish and could have great taste. You should definitely try it. Hope you would love it.

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