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Guava Juice With Milk Recipe

lemon guava Juice with Milk Recipe at Home



Six guavas, sliced and de-seeded
Four tablespoons of sugar
Three cups of milk
Mint leaves for garnish, or as desired


How to Prepare Guava Juice with Milk Recipe


1. Put the guava in the electric mixer, add the sugar, and mix well.

2. Add the milk and mix with the electric mixer again.

3. Pour guava juice with milk into cups, decorate with mint, and add some ice cubes, or serve the drink cold after keeping it in the refrigerator.


Guava juice can be made without milk, and in this case, two cups of water are added instead of milk. also you can use honey instead of sugar to make this juice.


How to Make Natural Guava Juice Without Milk



4 guavas (diced)
1 cup of water
3 tablespoons of sugar
4 strawberries (fresh for garnish / or to taste)



1. Put all the ingredients in an electric mixer, and mix well.

2. Pour the guava juice into the strainer, and drain the juice well from the guava skin.

3. Pour the natural guava juice into serving cups, decorate with strawberries, put it in the fridge and serve cold.

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