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Guided Tour of Beautiful Places in Bangladesh

Guided Tour of Beautiful Places in Bangladesh



Bangladesh is the container of natural beauty and lots of attractive places. There are lots of place attracts tourist. You would lose yourself among the beauty of the nature and the beautiful places of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has many historical and monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots and forests. Here are lots of scopes to tourists to have a great enjoyment. You could see all the thinks when you would come.

Let start our touring…!

 It would be better if you start your touring with Bangladesh tourism and Development Corporation. You could pay by dollar and local currency.

It would cost more or less $1000 for your whole touring. Here currency is Taka and the exchange rate is $1= BDT 80.

As you have prepared a tour for 15 days, let’s have a plan chart of your 15 days touring.

Day1: Arrival in Dhaka and have a turn around the city.                                                   

Day 2: Visit to Panam City.

Day 3: Visit to Ahsan Manzil.

Day 4: Journey to Sylhet and see the natural beauty.

Day 5: Journey to Chittagong.

Day 6: Visit to Bandarban.

Day 7:  Visit to Nilgiri Bandarbgan.

Day 8:  Drive in Kaptai.

Day 9: Trip to Khagrachori.

 Day 10: Drive to Rangamati.

Day 11: Drive Cox’s Bazaar from Rangamati.

Day 12: Drive to Saint Martin.

Day 13: Drive to Sundorban

Day 14: Complete visiting of Sondorban

Day 15: Return to Dhaka airport and to your Home.


Ahsan Manzil
Ahsan Manzil


Day 1: Arrive in Dhaka and have turn around

You would arrive in Dhaka Airport and would be received by the guide and transferred in the hotel. After taking rest and being fresh you would make a glimpse to Dhaka as it the center point of Bangladesh. You could visit here lots of attractive and different places. It is a center point of Bangladesh. After complete visiting you could have a heavy dinner at cheap cost. You could eat lots of traditional food here.

Day 2: Visit to Pnam city

After a healthy breakfast you could start your journey. The Panam city was the old capital of Bangladesh. But now it is a desolate place. You could come here easily by local transport and with a little cost. You could see a nice museum here.

Day 3: Visit to Ahsan Manzil

You could visit at the Ahsan Monzil. It is in the Dhaka division. You could go there with local transport. It is one of the places of historical interest. You could see here many interesting things.

 Day 4: Journey to Sylhet

You would go to Sylhet from Dhaka by domestic airlines or local transport. Here you could see the green carpet of tea plants on small hillocks. You could get fresh tea from here. You would lose yourself in the beauty of nature. There are some places in Sylhet without visiting those places your tour would be incomplete. Those are Shat Chari, Madhob Khondo, Srimangle and Jaflong.

You could see various kinds of wild monkey, birds, wild cocks and various kinds of unknown animal here. In Madhobkhondo you could see the natural waterfall. You could make your beautiful eyes astonished by watching the waterfall of Madhobkhondo. In Srimangle you could see the largest tea garden of the world and you could also drink seven color teas in one cup from here. In Jaflong you could see the beauty of stone. Here you could also watch the grave of famous Muslim saint Hazrat Shah Zalal who was the torch bearer of Islam.

Day 5: Journey to Chittagong:

After completing the visit if Sylhet you would start for a new experience in Chittagong. You could come here by local transport or by airlines. In airlines it would cost $100 and in local transport it would cost $60. It is another point of attraction. You could see the Patenga Sea beach and butterfly park here. Foy’s lake is another attraction you could also visit. Kuakata is another place from where you could see the Sun raising and Sun setting. You could eat salty water fish here.

Day 6: journey to Bandarban

You could come here with the local transport with a little cost. It is the biggest mountain district in the Chittagong. You could see the deep jangle and hill here.

Day 7: Visit to Nilgiri Bandarbgan

At the end of the Bandarban journey you could make a visit to Nilgiri at Bandarban. Here you could see the friendship of Hill and Sky here.

Day 8:  Trip to Kaptai

In the mean time you could have some light food. After a nice and happy drive of 65 km. from Chittagong you would find another attraction. The blue water ringed with forest here which would let you lose yourself in the nature. You could see here Kaptai Lake and many interesting hill tracts.

Day 9: Trip to Khagrachori

It is one the hill districts. You could find here many water fall, tea garden and orange garden.

Day 10: Drive to Rangamati

Rangamati is another place of attraction. It would cost less to reach here from Kaptai. You could see many gorgeous think in this hill track districts. You could also see here the sky touching mountain, water lakes and hanging pools.

Day 11: Drive Cox’s Bazaar from Rangamati

It would take some time to reach here. Here could see the world’s longest 155 k.m. sandy sea beach. It is one of the attractive places in the world.  Here you would find world class hundreds of hotel. You could eat various kinds of salty water fish at a cheap rate.

Day 12: Drive to Saint Martin

You have to go there with boat or speed-boat. It might cost you $50. From Cox’s Bazaar you could go there by boat or speed boot. You could see the here the beauty of Saint Martin island. You could taste here the fresh juice of coconut. 

Day 13: Drive to Sundorban

You could come here with the local transport. It is in the southern part of the bay of sea.  The transport and food both are cheap here. You could see here the world biggest and mangrove forest. It is call the home of Royal Bengal tiger.

Day 14: complete visiting of Sondorban

You could go there with local transport. You need more than one day to visit this world biggest mangrove forest. Here you would see the life leading of different type of tiger and many other wild animals. After visiting this you could have a safe journey to Dhaka airport to go back your home. You could come back to Dhaka by local transport.

Day 15: Leaving Dhaka and turn around to your country. Have a safe journey.  

Actually only 15 days is not enough to visit all the beautiful places of Bangladesh. Hope you would change your mind to spend more days here after visiting. Wish you all the best. Have an awesome journey and have great fun and enjoyment.  

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