We Will Write and Publish Guest Posts on Our Magazine
We Will Write and Publish Guest Posts on Our Magazine


We Will Write and Publish Guest Posts on Our Magazine


What Can We Do for You?

We ‘ll write the 500 words article professionally in a highly shareable style with one do-follow link to your site and one image. If you need to add more Search Engine value to your website, our offer is a wonderful opportunity for your business, or service.


Will the content be unique?

Yes, the guest post will be totally unique and informative.


What do you need to start writing my guest post?

Provide us your URL, one keyword, and any special instructions you may have.


Are you going to shares my guest post to all your social media channels?

Yes, shares to all our social media channels: Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.


Will there be an image added to it?

It depends upon whether you need a custom photo to be added to the blog post. If you are providing the image, we have no issues in adding relevant image to the blog post. However, if you want us to add more than one image that will cost you 20$.


How long my order will take?

we will deliver this within 5 days.


Do you accept any category?

  • We accept: Food, Drinks, Diet, Health, Fitness, Recipes, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Crafts, Home Décor, Technology …. etc.
  • Exceptions: We don’t accept GEO Based Keywords, Foreign (non-English) keywords, Adults, Gambling, Porn and Illegal sites.


How long my do-follow link will stay on your magazine?

Your link will stay on our magazine permanent.


Can I order more than one guest post?

Yes, you can. “Contact Us Before Ordering” 


Note: Hello World Magazine money back guarantee service if we failed to satisfy our client.

If you still have some doubts or want to clarify something, feel free to message us before you decide to order. Thanks!

Email: helloworldmagazine@gmail.com