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Home-Made Remedies for Dry and Cracked Lips

Home-made remedies for dry and cracked lips


Treatment of dry and cracked lips can be done with several home-made remedies. These home-made remedies are very inexpensive with simple ingredients and very easy to make. First, let us see what the causes are for our lips to get dry and cracked up. During the winter months, there is cold air in the open and hot air inside; regular exposure to these opposing temperatures is one reason for dryness of our lips. Another cause for our lips to dry up and crack is when we apply moisturizer. As our lip skin is more sensitive than hands or other parts of our body, chapped lips start with scaling of lip skin, leading to cracks, redness and bleeding. In winters, air is dry and cold; when we lick our lips, this licking dries the lip skin and removes the layer of skin oil that is a skin protectant.



  1. 1 tsp of white honey
  2. 1 tsp baking powder
  3. Olive oil



  • Mix honey with baking powder to make putty.
  • Use honey on lips to help peel and remove dried skin safely.
  • This dried lip skin is a real irritant and when we try to pull it off with our fingers, this can cut our lips and make the lips bleed.
  • Apply the putty on dry lips and rub the lips gently.
  • Leave this putty on lips for two minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • Let the lips dry. Finally, apply olive oil on lips.
  • This treatment of lips should be done once a week on a regular basis to keep lips fresh and shinning.



  1. One tsp of honey
  2. Half tsp of honey in wax
  3. Two tsp of almond oil



  • Melt the beeswax with honey.
  • Add almond oil.
  • This mixture is also very effective but this has to be applied daily to achieve the desired results.
  • This home-made lip balm can be used by boys and kids because it is not bright colored or strong scented.



  1. 1 tsp olive or almond oil
  2. 1 tsp of Echinacea root (opt.)
  3. 1 tsp comfrey leaf (opt)
  4. 1 tsp plantain leaf (herb-not banana)
  5. 1 tsp calendula flower (opt.)
  6. 1 tsp yarrow flower (opt.)
  7. 1 tsp of rosemary leaf (opt)
  8. ¼ cup beeswax pastilles
  9. ½ cup grapefruit seed extracts or vitamin E
  10. Peppermint essential oil for scent, cooling and soothing (opt)



  • Herbs are infused with olive oil by keeping them in an air tight lid jar for 3-4 weeks and shaking the jar daily to keep the oil and herbs mixed. Or heat the herbs and olive oil over real low flame in a double boiler for 3 hours. When oil becomes very green, stop the heat.
  • Using cheesecloth, strain the oil out of the herbs. Let the oil drip and finally squeeze it out.
  • Throw away the herbs.
  • Heat ¼ cup of infused oil in a double boiler with beeswax. Stop heating when beeswax has melted and got mixed (extra oil can be used for cuts/wounds or another batch of saliva)
  • Pour the oil into small tins, glass jars or any other small container to use it for dry and chapped lips.
  • Now, to keep these home-made remedy effective and useful, lips have to be protected from the usage of menthol, fragrance and artificial colors, alcohol, aloe butter (although it heals and soothes but can be lip irritant) and vitamin E, which is antioxidant and anti aging but it can also be irritating to lips.    


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