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Homemade Powdered Milk Recipe

Homemade Dried Milk

Milk powder, or dried milk is one of the things that has become a necessity in our lives, so that dried milk is used in several kitchen recipes, so that it gives a wonderful and delicious taste to the recipe.



A liter of whole milk



For a large amount of powdered milk, it is better to use full fat milk.

In a non-stick pot or pan, we pour the milk into the pot and leave it to boil well over a medium heat. After boiling, we turn the fire to a quiet degree and continue to stir with a wooden spoon on all sides so that the milk parts do not stick to the pan, we let the milk boil until the water evaporates and we have a dough of milk Without a drop of water.

We take the milk paste and cut it into small pieces on an oven plate furnished with butter paper. Here we have two ways to dry the milk either by placing it under the sun, or heating the oven and then turning it off and inserting it into the oven until the milk dries completely.

After the milk dries, we put it in an electric mixer and grind it well until it becomes very smooth, and after filtering it from the remaining lumps.

If you want the milk to taste better: you can add powdered sugar to it and grind it again.

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