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Homemade Recipes for Beauty

Yogurt and eggs mixture for soften hair


Yogurt and eggs mixture for soften hair

To get a soften hair, it is recommended to have a hair cream mask once a week that contains natural elements that are rich with proteins and minerals.

One of the best hair cream masks and the more effective among all of them is the mask of yogurt and eggs mixture. Eggs feed the scalp with essential minerals and vitamins for hair’s health and softness. Talking about yogurt, it works on softening the hair follicles and gives it softness and vitality.

To make this mask, whisk the egg white till you get heavy white foam then add 6 spoons of yogurt. Massage your scalp with the mixture for some minutes and keep it on your hair for about 20 minutes then wash your hair.

Lemon juice to strength the nails
Lemon juice to strength the nails

Lemon juice to strength the nails

Lemon has a lot of features that makes it the best choice to lighten, clean and moist the skin, but what about the benefits regarding the nails?

If you have dry nails then you need to moist it deeply and the more your nails are dry the less it becomes breakable. Lemon is the best choice for nails moisture in addition to its other benefits to strength the nails and increases its hardness.

All what you have to do is to mix 100 mm of lemon juice with an equal amount of honey in addition to 50 mm of olive oil in addition to warm water. Massage your nails with the mixture for about 15 minutes. After you finish, keep the leftovers in the fridge to be used once again in the future.

How to deal with broken nails?

Nails, similar to the skin, get dried sometimes, so you need to care about it similar to what you do with your skin. You should also wet it every day to ensure its safety.

Your nails may get broken suddenly when you are not at home so it is recommended to follow the following steps:

1-Moist your hands, with your moisture, to avoid the cracks increment, so it is recommended to keep a small box of moisture in your hand bag.

2-Put your hands beside you and avoid holding any bags until you reach home.

3-When you reach home, use a nail file over your broken nail or you can cut it if necessary.

4-To assure that this case will not happen again, make an oil mask for your nails once a week for about ten minutes by soaking them in a pot filled with oil and to keep nails’ moisture with any cream.

Kiwi and strawberry for a beautiful smile

The smile is the key of beauty, so if you want to keep a white smile then you should follow a natural recipe to whiten your teeth in addition to washing your teeth regularly.

1-In a blender, add a spoon of olive oil, a spoon of honey and a spoon of water.

2-Add a cup of cut kiwi, a cup of cut strawberry and a cup of apple slices.

3-Blend them regularly then the mixture get smooth.

4-Add the mixture in a closed box and keep it in the fridge.

5-Keep massaging your hair with this paste using a tooth brush regularly.

Steam bath for a brighten skin
Steam bath for a brighten skin

Steam bath for a brighten skin

To get a brighten skin, you need to visit a beauty center to get a skin cleaning session every 3-6 months, but how can you keep your skin clean meanwhile?

It is recommended to have a quick cleaning session for skin each week by following these small steps:

1-make a steam bath on your face using the steam machine or a pot filled with boiled water.

2-Continue moving your skin over the hot water for about ten minutes.

3-Use a clean towel then press on the nose and forehead to remove the black spots and dirt.

4-Last, move a piece of ice over your skin or you can replace the ice piece with a honey and strawberry mixture mask.

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