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How Do You Learn The Art of Decor and Become a Skilled Decorator!

How Do You Learn The Art of Decor and Become a Skilled Decorator!

Every woman has to learn Decor Art in order to make her home a paradise, we offer you a set of guidance in order to learn the art of decoration.

In order to learn the art of decor, you must know that decor is what makes buildings and walls become great paintings, which makes them like it will speak, it is probably not hard to learn, but it is a fine taste. Coordinated-things with beauty,  and magnificence, and most women love decor and innovating in it, since teaching decor is not difficult, a woman who likes to decorate her house or a room from her home is to make decoration is the basis of this room, Until this house is fully decorated, decor is an art and taste that is innate to some individuals, it can be taught to some other individuals, so you have to read the next lines so you can learn some advice in order to learn the art of decoration that helps When you try to decorate the house.

Tips in Order to Learn The Art of Décor:

 1 Love Art Decor

 Can learn art decor and do some advice about it, you have to love this art so you can implement it, it is not just a business that is implemented, it is a harmony of , which eventually ends up to a great view to decorate the place where decor has been used, without decor it becomes a place like a pale painting that does not show splendor of its beauty, as it gives complete elements and highlights the beauty of walls and doors, Decor is indispensable, but we have to take into account individual differences. Some cannot focus because of decorations, if you don’t like art, you can’t give it what you want, in order to learn the art of decor you have to be patient. It is a taste that is different from one to another, the decor is one of the most important items of home decoration


 2 Understand Some Things About Decor

 To learn the art of decor you have to understand some things about decor like:

3 Colors

 Every period colors are changed, wall colors for a time period, was Most of these colors are yellow, where it is a practical color, people forget that it may not be consistent with the rest of the room decorations, but it was the usual color and was used especially in middle areas, now there are many colors and more, Decor Art needs to know that colors are now easy to choose by using a computer.

You can know what color is right for you in home rooms or where the decor is used, the colors of the walls should be taken into account:

 4 Color Alignment with Home or Office Furniture

 You need to take care of your wall colors with furniture, so if you’re getting married and you want to make your beautiful home decor, let’s know that the colors of the walls must be consistent with furniture, if your home furniture is brown color, for example, you have to color this room in the color of the light brown, or dark beige, these colors are consistent with each other. in order to learn the art of decor, you must turn to color harmony In the dark red color, make the color of this room with pink or very light color, or otherwise, if the color of furniture is in color dark purple, then make the color of this room walls in the pink, the grey color, some people prefer grey in walls, this color is one of the most wonderful colors used in walls, if you use it in a gray color that is in the selection of furniture.

5 Children’s Room

As for the children’s room, The choice of colors belongs to the sex of child, so that you can learn the art of decoration you have to harmonize children’s décor by child’s sex if the child is male, make the furniture of the room most of it the color blue cyan and make the color of the walls dark blue , or the opposite make the walls in color The heavenly colors and the bedspreads are in the  dark color, but I prefer the walls to be in the blue color, you have to choose the most suitable for you, but you cannot dispense the consistency of the two colors, until the color harmony, if you do not prefer the blue grades you have to choose the light green color in the clinical furniture, choose the dark green, or oily color in the walls in the room of the male child, these two colors are great as they resemble the magnificent green garden, in order to learn the art of decoration you have to enter the colors of nature picturesque, It is one of the finest colors choice for children and who like the clear sky and green like Planting and green land, do not dispense with these colors when the décor of the children’s room, the female children you have to choose the colors of the girls as the nature of the fungal female likes decorations, when you choose the colors of walls in the female room, you have to choose the color of the beige in the walls, make the placemats in color and if you want to enter the light purple color Enter it, All these colors are wonderful and harmonious and show in the room of the very young girls.

6 Colors of The Rest of The Rooms

 The dark colors are great and speak for themselves, use the dark color, Dark Brown, Dark Gray, or dark navy blue color, and if you use the dark brown color, make the furniture as an amateur. You used the light pale brown color for the walls, use furniture in dark brown color, but it’s better to be darker than furniture, but if you use dark gray color, use furniture in light lead color, and if you use color in the walls, make the furniture light blue, and so In the bedroom, this room often likes middle colors, don’t use too much light in the walls or the dark dark one, and in order to learn the art of decor, make the color of the walls between the medium, not the conqueror, or the dark one, The Red color on you is medium, and then based on the selection of walls, use furniture and furniture, if you use your medium to use color pink, if you use pink in the walls, use the medium on the upholstery, many colors, and you have to make The Color of the walls is the same color as upholstery, but with different degrees, or close colors, as we mentioned earlier, and the dining room decor is selected according to the color of the living walls, or hall room. There are several colors If you choose brown, make the color of the walls in order to learn the art of decor, make it beige, but if you choose to choose black color, make the color of the white walls white, try to merge more than one color in the lounge. Where it’s the appearance of a house, a trip, or a living room, and the bathroom room, if you’re one of those who prefer dark colors, you have to be brown or alive, and the walls make it close or match with choosing bathroom furniture, and ceramics, if you It’s got brown ceramic, beige, brown, dark. use the light bathroom furniture. This is a great combination of colors, but if you make the bathroom room as ornaments, you use blue ceramic in white and dark blue walls, and the kitchen is for You learn the art of decor, make the kitchen walls in pink color, and red furniture, this is a fresh look, and let’s put on some purple furniture, or grey, and this is a great color for the units in the kitchen.

 7 Decoration Accessories

to choose the hanging decoration of the industrial plant, you have to choose the appropriate color for the walls there is the brown and green and these are in harmony with the green and the structures, but the paint do not make it vulgar in the office room, so as not to occupy the reading or the nerd and use in Shades of Dark green, brown and black, by the colors of the walls, but one of the most beautiful colors of the décor hanging brown and oily color harmonious with the light green, in order to learn the art of decoration make the hanging frames very simple and from the green nature only, the simplicity in the clouds stands out The beauty of the closet, the walls or the frames of the children’s rooms make them in natural colors the green nature also, which leads to the comfort of their nerves and cheer, use the wonderful plant on the wall, which is integrated with some suitable for walls,   don’t put the paint in the bathroom room ,no mirrors but choose the right curtains with the color of the bath lighter or darker degree of color of the ceramic, until the integration of the colors,  the hanging curtains in the rest of the rooms make their colors lighter than furniture for example, the reception room or the hostess, You can learn the art of Decoration. make the curtains from the two colors above, make the colors of the walls since the glass with furniture and furnishings and the hanging décor, until the room becomes a great view.


8 Extra Decor

you have to use extra decor like amazing waterfalls, make it in the reception room put it in the middle proportionate to sit so you don’t occupy the seated, make it with cool lights then Use things like pieces of pottery, or ceramic that give a simple fragrance in the side of the room with great brown color, sparkling black color, make it in more than one place in closets, try using straw in the reception room in part of Room this innovative decor gives splendor in the background, in order to learn the art of decoration make some pillows in part of the room if it’s big on ground, make  home  Arabic seats, until you give a new and different fragrance in decor, make The trip in gold and brass is one of the most amazing colors of pallets, and put on them colorful crockery in brown or black according to the rest of your decor, and don’t forget about the beautiful flowers that are placed in vases, choose the red color if they beat Brown color or copper color, and if oil or green is overcome, choose green colors and turquoise in flowers, but if your decor is mostly black, make your red flowers the coolest colors that are built with black..

 9 Lighting

in order to learn the art of decor, make the lighting within the foundations, which make it cool on the house or where you’re going, as many people forget about lighting, you need to take care of lighting, choose lighting back Also to the extra decor, if you beat your brown décor, you’ll have to choose onion light near yellow and brown, and this lighting with built-in decor gives you a perfect color symmetry, but if the most of walls you have are dark green, you’ll have to use light green lighting. If you have black walls, you have to choose a red light, red with black, one of the finest colors that are consistent with each other as we mentioned, and in order to learn the art of decor, always make the office room different and integrated with the rest of rooms.

 Make Light Colors Dim, such as the colors of furniture and walls, Negev is consistent with the selection of walls and furniture.

In the end, know that decoration is proof of your personal taste. When  your friends visit you at your home, and they find your colors in decor are amazing so they will know that this beautiful matching between walls, furniture, and lighting is from your personal taste.

All what we have mentioned above are already been just tips so you have to choose what is the right style of decor, also don’t forget to hang simple and appropriate pictures, or artworks on walls which are not impede focus of the guest.

Make simplicity your address in your home decorations and kitchen kitchens, and use empty spaces always to put your devices so that they don’t block places and don’t block the traffic, and it’s all in order to learn the art of decor.

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