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How to Build the Best and Friendly Backlinks for Your Website!

Top Rules of Link Building and List of Avoiding Spam Backlinks

If you are searching online on how to build backlink to your website to achieve the best result, you have come to the right place. You are not alone in this field and there are many who reached before you, typically every online business owner ask himself the same question, even the backlink expert ask themselves how to improve their backlink. And based on my long experience I put this article to help you build a better backlinks for your website

But I warn you this is a guide to achieve real result not the common tips that self-called experts are giving all the time all over the web

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of backlinks. Backlinks which help your rank and backlinks which ruin your website rank. Way back in days every type of backlinks were good for any website, but now everything changed and most of backlinks can hurt the website rank and set you way further form appearing on search result. So you have to chose very carefully your backlink link strategy and I am going to tell you how

Build Variety of Backlinks and Not Just One Type

I will not insist on a specific link building method just use as many methods as you can at the same time

  • You can check out what your competitors SEO strategy and copy them
  • Build links using Infographic articles (it is easy and catch the viewer’s attention)
  • Do Blog commenting method but with moderation
  • Skyscraper technique
  • You can write posts on Niche forums
  • Reach out to influential bloggers to mutually backlink to each other

Write Guest Post on Reputable Websites in Your Niche

  • Write guest post for only reputable websites with higher Domain Authority level And remember that too much low value links will not help you so don’t bother write for sites lower than yours.
  • Use Domain Authority checker tool before writing to them to make sure they have a good rank
  • Build a relationship with those sites and write more than once for each of them to get more creditability
  • Do not overlook sites with nofollow links they are a good source of visits
  • Keep tracking your backlinks from the guest post in order to know if the admin removed your backlink
  • Always link to your social media accounts on the profile page you can get more visitors and followers
  • Avoid leaving foot print on your backlink, search engines always favor the natural looking links

Avoid This Type of Backlinks

  • Avoid links from pages with little content
  • Avoid links from websites that doesn’t provide viewers with real value like social bookmarks and article directory
  • Avoid spam comments because like everybody hate spam so does the search engines
  • Avoid getting backlinks from pages that you cannot edit because if they became invaluable you will need to delete them.


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