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How to Choose Furniture for Living Room

How to Choose Furniture for Living Room


If you live alone or you are living with your family, you are probably spending so much time in your home and hence, a living room is an essential space. Living room is where you and your family spend your time together speaking, watching TV or doing any interests. Living room can also be the room where you meet your guests in. So, you should be careful when you choose the furniture of this room to ensure the feeling of comfort and relax in the room where you spend most of your time.

The Process of choosing the furniture will pass through two main stages: The planning stage and the Stage of choosing furniture.

  1. Planning Stage:
  • Measure the dimensions of the walls, floor and ceiling of your room with a measuring tool that you prefer like a tape measure.
  • You should make a plan for the floor by using such a formal grid paper or any paper that you can divide in relation to the measurements that you have taken. Divide the space for the furniture and make sure that there is 1 meter at least of free space in between the pieces of furniture.
  • Check the width of your doorways to see if the furniture pieces you are going to buy can enter your room or not.
  • After making the plan on a piece of paper and taking measurements, make marks on the floor to get a clear visual look before you get the real furniture.
  • When you think about the furniture that’s you are going to buy, make sure that its materials match the needs that you and your family want.
  • If the room already has built-in design elements like a fireplace, then try to use this advantage to set up the furniture around it.
  1. Getting Furniture Pieces:
  • Try to get the basic furniture elements first that is essential in any living room, like a sofa, coffee table and armchair.
  • When you buy the furniture, choose the hard furniture that made of steel or has a sturdy wood frames because they are high-quality pieces although they are expensive a little bit.
  • Regarding the materials, choose the high-quality materials that can give you the sense of comfort since the living room is the place where you spend a lot of time.
  • Before you buy a furniture piece like sofa for example, you should check the strength of its frame. Lift up one of its legs for about 15 centimeters off the floor. You can know that the frame is too flimsy and flexible if it the adjacent leg wasn’t lifted too.
  • Arrange the furniture in a way that the elements can complement each other.
  • If you have narrow spaces then choose the loveseat instead of a sofa.
  • Add some pieces to the room like extra seating pieces or extra tables to give a sense of living room that can be appropriate for many people at the same time.


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