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How to Choose The Design of a Rug!

How to choose the design of a rug!

Here are 9 secrets to help you choose the design of rug for every room in the house.

  1. Main decoration point: Simple rooms should have a rug with overlapping pattern in the middle to be a main decoration point over floor.
  2. Rooms with lots of details: Décor specialists’ advice buying a rug with one repeated pattern in case the room was full of patterns and details over wallpapers or furniture.
  3. Thick or thin pattern: In case the sofa’s cloth has complex details, it is recommended to buy a rug with calm patterns to reduce the competition between patterns for eyes and vice versa.
  4. Useful rug: In case you put a rug in a special location, that has many circulations, try to choose a rug with overlapped patterns to reduce the opportunity of having spots over it unlike light colors or rugs.
  5. The combination of colors: Try to choose a rug suitable with the color scheme of your room including paints and furniture, but remember that it is not essential for the rug to contain the majority of these colors. The important element is that the main color of rug to be suitable with the decoration elements of the room.
  6. Light or dark: Remember always that light colors in rugs give a sense of a spacious area in small areas while dark colors give a sense of warming in rooms with large areas.
  7. Texture: Take into consideration that texture is so effective over decoration. Highlighted rugs gives an elegant look for room while wool or whicker rugs gives an amazing mix with flat floors like porcelain or wooden floors.
  8. Different shapes: It is not essential to commit with traditional rectangular shape of rugs, but there are several shapes attractive to the eye such as hexagonal, circular or carved shapes like branches or leaves.
  9. In case of using more than one rug in the same room: In open-reception area, use different designs or rugs, but from the same color scheme because the repetition of colors gives a sense of boring and can divide the space into two spaces if they are identical with design and size. Use different sizes of rugs to attract the eyes’ attention for looking to the decorative details over the whole room.

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