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How to Choose The Right Pet!

How to choose the right Pet?


Pets has a great part of one’s life that can turn it into joyful life. There are several things you should be aware of them, in case you want to adopt a new pet, so you can find it easy to cope with your new life. Various types of pets has various terms of feeding, behavior, care, housing, cost and requirements. If you will be aware of these elements then you will enjoy having a strong bond between you and your pet.

You can ask yourself several questions to decide which type of pets is the best for you to adopt including:

  • The characteristics of the pet that you prefer and whether it can be adopted in your home or not.
  • Take into consideration the behavior between the pet and the children in your home, in case you have them.
  • If you do not own your property, then you should have a permission from the owner at first.
  • Take a moment to think about the place in your house for your pet and whether you can specify an outdoor area in the yard or it will be inside the house if you don’t have a yard.
  • How long can you be with your pet if you are too busy?
  • Some pets demanding you to be physically active, like taking them for a walk, but of you are sedentary then adopting some pets like birds or fish will be more suitable.
  • You should be ready to pay fees in case your pet has any medical crisis.
  • Sometimes you have to leave your home for traveling reasons or so then you should have a secondary caregiver in case of these situations.

If you are asking yourself where you can have a new pet, you can adopt since there are several pets at local animal shelters. They can help you find the suitable pet for you since they are aware of animals they are caring for them.

To go for dogs or puppies?

The dogs are so social animals that love being around people and no to be left alone, so if you are thinking about having a dog then you should have the ability of spending time with the dog. You should also decide which kind of dogs you intend to have. Puppies cannot be left alone at all since they need to eliminate each one-hour or two. These puppies have to be trained with house skills and to be familiar with some orders like “stay”, “sit”, etc. These puppies need to be socialized at young age or they will become fearful and shy later on.

You have to look up for different breeds before you decide the particular breed of dog that you want since different breeds have different characteristics. If you want a purebred dog then you surely adopt one from the local shelter.

Take into consideration the space of your house and your lifestyle, so you can manage how things will go on. If you live in a small apartment then of course active dogs cannot be adopted unless you intend to provide intensity of exercises. You have to go for a dog walk at least once per day, but if you are sedentary then old dogs can be more suitable for you. Small dogs don’t have to be less active and not all large dogs demands a large amount of exercises.

You need to interact with your dogs in order to make them happy, so if you are so busy then dogs are not the suitable type of pets for you since you need to spend time with the dog and spend another time training it. You should be aware that you have to afford several costs including food and toys or for training. The life span for dogs is usually 10 years or more, so you have to know that it is a long-term commitment.

To go for Cats or Kittens?

Cats are social animals too who demands more attention and care. They need to play all the time and petting on regular basis even if they don’t require that much of attention as dogs. You have to be able to afford costs of caring for cats including toys, food, litter boxes and vet care.

The cats are so fastidious regarding their litter box habits that’s why you have to keep the litter box neat and clean all the time. The life span for cats can exceed 15 years, so you have to be aware that it is a long-term commitment for kittens. Cats loves to scratch, so you have to provide a scratching post to avoid having your furniture being vandalized.

You should be aware about declawing, which means removing the first knuckle of every toe, which is so painful for the cats, so you will have to trim the cats’ nails to keep your furniture safe. Kittens are not suitable at homes with children below three years.

Cats are unique creatures that each cat has a different characteristic that some like to snuggled and held and others like not to be held, so make sure to have a cat that you can keep pace with its characteristics.

There are outdoor and indoor cats and you have to be aware that outdoor cats can go under risk or injury or diseases and they are available at most of organizations. On the contrary side, indoor cats have longer life spans and are have healthier life, but you have to provide the indoor can several toys since it spends most of the time indoor. It is a good idea also to add a cat enclosure or a cattery at your home. Last but not least, you have to provide enough time to spend with your cat regardless its characteristics.

Choosing Birds

Birds are beautiful creatures with wide range of features and characteristics although it is hard to care about them. Then are social and intelligent animals that demands a great amount of attention. You have to allocate some time to spend with your bird. Birds are flock creatures, so you have to have two birds instead of just having one bird since a bird can’t live alone in a cage for long. They cover a great amount of territory and that’s why they are ill-suited for life in a small cage.

The cage should be spacious enough so the bird can move and spread the wings in a full motion and even fly from a side to another. The width of the cage should be at least the width of four wing spans.

Several types of parrots can live more than 50 years, so you have to know also that it is a long-term commitment.

Regarding parrots, you have to spend at least two hours per day interacting with it outside the cage and providing entertainment methods for the parrot for the remaining day hours. These types of entertainment ways include safe toys, television, radio or interacting with other parrots or family members. Parrots are so messy, so you will spend much time cleaning the cage, and around the cage too in addition to the playing area and other areas in house where it was let to move freely. Parrots demands a so varied and complex daily diet.

Choosing rabbits

Rabbits are so social and intelligent animals and they are great when interacting with humans. The life span for rabbits is usually between seven to ten years and it is a long-term commitment too. They require daily care and they might not be comfortable when being picked up if they are not handled in a gentle way. They must be fed a varied diet since they have a delicate digestive system.

Rabbits prefer living in a calm and gentle environment, so you shouldn’t have a hectic family life or other pets like dogs or cats. It will need to see the veterinarian on regular basis and they need to be spayed to be healthier and happier. They should be kept indoor to be away of predators. You can teach bunnies to use the litter box especially when neutered or spayed.

Having Ferrets

The ferrets are one of the weasel family types that are playful and usually active. They are often affectionate animals that bond well with people and they are so social. However, they aren’t low-maintenance animals since they need diet and permanent cage cleaning and they shouldn’t be left in cages for long. They need to have some time outside their cages daily with supervision.

They have high metabolism and long life span that can reach ten years. Their personality is tough so they are not suitable for everybody. You should have free time and you shouldn’t have children or a busy life to be able to care about ferrets.


Horses are the favorite for many people, but they need regular commitment in addition to high caring costs. It needs grooming and several matters that can take at least half an hour per day. Horses can live up to 30 years, so it is a long-term commitment.

You should be willing to care about horses who aren’t eligible for being ridden because of the age or an injury. Boarding a horse is worth 50$ to 200$ per month.

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