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How to Choose The Suitable Necklace!

How to Choose the Suitable Necklace!


How to choose the length of the necklace?

Necklace may be a shining accessory in your look although you should be careful when you choose one. It can beautify your look and at the same time it can make it worse if your choice was wrong. So, here is some tips that can help you choose the right type of necklace that fits the shape if your body.

  • If your height is less than 162 cm. then don’t choose a necklace that its length is less than 20 inches. If you want to make your body look more height then you should commit with length and wear it with a shirt or dress with V shape.
  • If your height is between 164 or 173 cm. then you can choose the length you want from tight necklaces or chains.
  • If your height is more than 173 cm. try to avoid tight necklaces because the best choice for you is long necklaces.
  • If you are thin and want to highlight the part of your chest then choose a necklace that reaches the top of your breast. Its height is usually between 20 to 22 inches and in case that your breast was very flat then it is better to choose a longer and thinner necklace.
  • If your body is compacted at some parts as breast or buttocks then choose a necklace that reaches the top line of the breast like these that its length is 18 inches, and don’t choose tight and big necklaces.

How to choose the suitable necklace for your neck?

The is no doubt that necklaces is one of the most important accessories parts and the ways of choosing this type accurately is very important for the integration of your look. You should take into consideration the shape of your neck, body, clothes, look and further details, that’s why you should choose necklaces wisely so, we made it easy for you with the following tips to choose the right necklace for you.

If your neck is short, you should go for short and smooth necklaces to highlight your neck and vice versa; if your neck was long you will have to choose the huge and short necklaces to reduce the height of your neck.

If your neck is wide, you should choose medium chains that vary between slim and wide to camouflage its size. If your neck is very skinny and ling then choose huge necklaces that will give it form. If you are wearing modern clothes, jeans and shirt, then you should choose necklaces that is made of silver or copper that contains wide and highlighted stones. This necklaces suits your daily duties and you should avoid bright and shiny necklaces.

Gold necklaces, with contrast to the silver ones, is not commonly used mostly with classical clothes that are designed for evening and special occasions shouldn’t be used with casual and modern clothes.

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