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How to Create a Pencil Holder or Organizer

How To Create A Pencil Holder Or Organizer


Materials you need:

5 of toilet paper roll

7 of Paper Colorful Cartoon


Hot glue


A piece of cardboard


A scissors



Put the glue on a toilet paper roll.

Bring your color of paper “any color paper you like “ , the size for your color paper should be 19x 19 cm, Leave from each side 4 cm , and then put the roll Cartoon and start to cover the roll Cartoon with the color paper.

Enter the edge of a color paper inside the roll Cartoon don’t cut the edge by a scissors.

Repeat the same way with the rest of toilet paper rolls.

After you cover them with the color papers, bring your hot glue for sticking them together.

Bring A piece of cardboard, and put your toilet paper rolls over it to draw their base by a pencil, and cut your drawn.

Bring the Foil to draw again the base by using the pencil, and the base which created before.

Use the glue to stick the Foil on the base “cardboard”, and then start to use the hot glue to stick the toilet paper rolls on the Foil.

To decorate you can use: Pictures from magazines, buttons, satin ribbons, also you can create some flowers from Paper Colorful Cartoon and stick on the pencil holder by using a glue.

Second Idea: 

DIY Pen holder with icecream sticks | DIY Desk Organizer With icecream sticks With HASNAM CRAFTS


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