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How to Hang Pictures and Wall Décor

How to Hang Pictures and Wall Décor


Hanging Pictures, artworks and wall décor is one of the most decorative elements that should be well organized by the designer. Although it gives a very decorative look, some people hang them in a wrong way that gives an opposite impression. For example, when hanging the pictures at a very high line on the wall, it will affect the look negatively because it will affect the room’s dimensions and makes it look uncomfortable and it will make the people in that room feel that they are short.

The following rules will help you know how to set your pictures on the wall:

1-Hang the pictures at eye level: The eye level is different according to different people, but the following method will show you how to set up an artwork on the wall with an average height that matches the average eye level:

1-After measuring the height of the picture or the artwork, divide it by 2.

2-Stretch the picture wire and measure the distance between the stretched wire and the top of the frame.

3-Subtract the second result from the first one.

4-After you have calculated the last result, add to it 57” and mark at that point on the wall with a pencil, then hang the picture on this point.

2-Hang the pictures at seated eye level: You should hang the pictures at the seated eye level when this artwork will be seen mostly when the viewers are seated like in an office.

3-Hanging group of pictures: You will combine many pictures to look like one artwork. You can divide them into 2 or more rows and then you should align the very top and the very bottom in addition to the sides to create a box that consists of group of pictures. If you are using pictures with the same size, keep a similar space between them. You can add a sense of balance when you align the top of some frames with bottom of others. Place the large pictures at the bottom and it is better to place the group of pictures on the staircase’ wall by hanging them to duplicate the stair’s rising level.

4-Creation of drama: Allow a right amount of space to display a large artwork, like what was done with the Mona Lisa’s picture. Try to leave a space of 3 to 5 inches on each side or it would be better of the whole wall is free.

5-Matching art with furniture: Take into consideration not to put an artwork that is wider than the furniture below because it will not give a good look at all. The average distance between the top of the mantel and the bottom of the picture should be between 3 to 7 inches, but when fixing the artwork over a sofa or a table, the average distance should be between 4 to 8 inches.

6-Proportionality between pictures: Usually, the small pictures have to be between one-half to two-thirds the larger one, which means that the area of two small picture has to equal the area of the large one.

7-Use hooks instead of nails: It is recommended to hang picture with the hooks instead of nails because the hooks are designed to distribute the weight. Regarding the nails, its size should be equal to the weight of the artwork.


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