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How to Make a Butterfly

How to Make a Butterfly


The materials you need:

One small plastic bottle


Hot glue

Wool “ any color you prefer”

Different colors of markers

color papers


Water colors or oil colors



The Method:

Bring one color paper you prefer, and start to draw by a pencil the wings for a butterfly.

Use the Scissors to cut what you draw.

Bring a small plastic bottle, you can use water colors or oil colors for painting , start to paint all of it, with the color you like.

For decorate the wings, you can use your water colors or oil colors to draw on them. also you can use your color papers, start to draw different shapes on color papers, and then cut what you draw and paste on the wings.

After you finish start to glue the wings on the plastic bottle.

Bring the Bottle cap, and cut some wool by a scissors then stick the wool over it by a hot glue.

Use your markers to draw on a color paper for drawing the mouth ,and the eyes for your butterfly, after you draw cut them by a scissors, and stick them by a glue.


Climbing Butterfly by NCERT OFFICIAL



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