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Home Crafts How to Make a Colorful Mini Chest of Drawers or a Side Tables By Using Recycled Materials

How to Make a Colorful Mini Chest of Drawers or a Side Tables By Using Recycled Materials

How to Make a Colorful Mini Chest of drawers or a Side Tables using recycled materials


A little bit about the project…

There are many materials beside us, and we think those are useless. But we could make various kinds of crafts from those materials. From those recycled materials we could make many useable things. We would see that how we could make a colorful mini chest of drawers using recycled materials. It might be a nice craft, or toy for the kids. You could make your kids smile by giving him this nice craft. They could use it as the furniture of their doll house. It could be also used in room box. Without making any delay, let’s see the materials and method of this colorful mini chest of drawers from the bellow.    

Let’s have a glimpse what materials are necessary for this project…

  • You need colorful Paper or clothes.
  • You need some Beads for using as a handle.
  • You need some Match boxes. It would depend on your choice.
  • You need a Pencil to mark the area.
  • You must need Glue to make a strong chest of drawers.
  • And lastly you need Scissors.

Now we would see the method, what is the process to make this nice chest of drawers using recycled materials…

  • First you would take some match boxes. You might take as many as you want. Initially you might start with five or six match boxes. You would take match boxes according your need.
  • Then you would take glue and would spread it on the surface of the match. You would spread the on each of the matches so that it could attach properly.
  • Then you would attach the match boxes with one another. You would attach the matches with glue one by one. You have to make it sure that all the match boxes are properly with each other by glue.
  •  Then you would take a piece of colorful paper. You might use colorful cloth also. But using colorful paper is better. Then you would draw a margin on the paper according to the sides of the matches.
  • Now you would cut the paper according the margin. You should bear in mind one thing is the length of the colored paper should be coverable all the match boxes.
  • Then you need to cover the left, and right sides of the match boxes with the colorful papers. You would attach the colorful paper with the attached matches on the both of the sides including up, down, left and right.
  • Then you would mark the middle places of the opening part.
  • Then you would add the bead as the handle of the handle.
  • Now our mini colorful chest of drawer from recycling materials is ready to use.

Actually there are such many materials beside us and we could make many interesting crafts like that from those materials. We could turn the unusable things into useable by using this type of project.

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