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How to Make an Attractive Envelope Clutch

How to Make an Attractive Envelope Clutch


For to make simple attractive clutch bag you have to follow some steps. These steps are easier and less time consuming. You can make clutch bag within one hour by these methods. Here we have mentioned two methods for gorgeous envelope clutch.


Required Materials are: 

  • Plastic Folder
  • Paper Depending on Your design, or instead of paper you can use a fabric.
  • Scissors
  • Strong Waterproof Glue, or any strong glue you prefer.
  • Other Things for the Decoration such as; beads, strips of satin, and ribbon of fabric.



In order to make your simple fashionable clutch bag takes your plastic folder, and then paste the paper or a fabric over it by using your glue.

Paper, fabric, could be any of type you like.

You can use some colorful designed paper easily available in market.

And then cut the extra paper by using a scissors.

Now the envelop is ready to decorate.

You can use other thing for the decoration like colorful tapes, laces, and plastic stars to paste on it in order to make it attractive.


Second Way to Make Paper Bag Clutch


Create with me – Making the Paper bag Clutch #junkjournals #alteredpaperbag by TheFireFlyStudio67


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