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How to Make an Owl of Toilet Paper Roll

How to Make an Owl of Toilet Paper Roll


A bit about the project:

In this project we would see how we could make an owl from some useless or recycled materials. We would make a nice craft from those recyclable materials. Actually there are many things beside us and we think some are useable and some are not useable. But we could make many things or various kinds of craft from those unusable things by recycling. Such as, we could make a nice owl as a craft from the tube of toilet paper. Actually it’s a project to make craft from recycled materials. Let’s see the process to how could we make it.


    First we would see what materials are needed for our project:

  • At first you need a tube of toilet paper.
  • You a medium piece of deep pink color paper.
  • You need a medium piece of red color paper.
  • You also need a yellow color paper.
  • You need a cutter to cut the papers properly.
  • You need Glue to attach the paper and the tube properly.
  • A Pencil or marker is needed.
  • You need a frame of medium size circles.


Now we would see the Method of making this nice craft:

  • At first you take the toilet paper tube and you would spare the glue one side of the tube.
  • Then you put the tube on the deep pink color paper and would mark the border of the paper. You have to cover the tube with this paper that is why you would cut the paper according to the tube. You would keep some access border in the paper.
  • After covering the tube with the paper you would attach it with glue.
  • Then you would twinge straightly the upper and lower side of the tube. You would twinge the both side of the tube just from middle and you would keep the side right and left side intact. We would use both of the as ears and leg.
  • Then you would draw some round circle in the red color paper with a round circle frame. After drawing you would cut the paper according the circles. We would use those circle shape papers as the feather of the owl.
  • Now you would attach the paper circles on the lower part of the tube and would cover the whole lower part with those circles.
  • Now you would draw two shapes of hearts in a yellow paper and then you would cut those with cutter from the paper.
  • Now you put the hearts shape papers at the middle of the upper and lower part of the tube. On the upper side you would keep the heart’s tail straightly as the nose of it.
  • Then you would draw two medium size circles in a white paper and would cut it and place it on the upper side of the tube at the right and left sight as two eyes. Now you would draw a small circle at the same way and on the black paper. After cutting it you would place it on the middle of the white circle. Now you would add little amount of glitter as the apple of eye.
  • Then you would make a shape by paper as the wings of the owl.

After all we have made a nice craft. You could also make a nice craft like that very easily by following the above steps. You should definitely try it.


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