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How to Make Aromatic Candles at Home

How to Make Aromatic Candles at Home


Whether it was a decorative accessory on dining table, or for the living room, it will still be one of the soft touches in the interior design. You can follow the following steps to make Aromatic candles at home:

First: How to make colored candles in cups (10 steps)


White candles
Food colors
Aromatic oils (must not contain alcohol or water)
Candle wick
Decoration cup, or an old coffee cup


Cut the white candles into small pieces to get molten in less time. Heat water in a pot until boiling. Putt the small candle pieces into another pot, and put it in the water pot over heat. Stir with wooden spoon until the candles melt.

After it melts, turn the heat off, and leave the candles inside the steam bath to keep it in liquid state. Add colors, and stir (colors lose its intensity after the candles become dry). Add the aromatic oil, and stir the mixture.

Pour some of the candles in a cup, add the wick in the middle, and try to fix it vertically by rolling it over a pencil. When the first quantity of candles freeze, make some holes to vacuum the air bubbles. Add another quantity of candles, and repeat that step (don’t add another layer until the previous one gets dry). Last, it will be ready to decorate your area.


Second: How to make marble candles


White candles
Colored candles (one or many colors as preference)
Candle wick
Aromatic oils (musn’t contain water or alcohol)



To melt the white and colored candles (each on its own) repeat the same previous method until step number 4.

Add natural aromatic oil over the liquid white candle, then repeat the same method for each color of liquid colored candles, and start stirring.

Oil the template with Vaseline to make sure that the candles will not stick with the template; it also adds a bright layer over the final form of the candles.

Pour some of the white candles inside the oiled template, add the wick in the middle, and try to fix it vertically by rolling it over a pencil vertically in a cup.

After the first layer becomes dry, start adding the colored candle liquid over the sides randomly, or respectively with the white candle liquid to fill the template completely.

When the candles become dry, take your masterpiece out of the template, and enjoy.


Decorating suggestions:

You can have candles with colored strips with the same method if you pour each color in the form of layers.

You can use cinnamon sticks, or coffee seeds to decorate the candle from the outside part.

You can add dry orange circles, dried flowers, or seashells for the candle mixture during the pouring process.




Circular candle piece

Natural, or synthetic flowers

Colored gel balls


Transparent decorating cups

Water bottle



Put the flowers, and the decorating pebbles in the bottom of the cup

Pour the water inside the cup until filling ¾ of the cup

Put the circular candle piece over the top of the water inside the cup, and it will float.

Now, you have your first decoration piece with your own creative mind.


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