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How to Make Fruits from Plastic Bottles

How to Make Fruits from Plastic Bottles


If you love to make crafts at home, then your search is ended here. In this article we will discuss about the beautiful craft from plastic bottle waste. Utilise the time to make homemade craft. It is very easy to make such plastic toy or craft. 


Materials required are:

  • Soft drink bottles of 2.5 liter (plastic bottle).
  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Oil paints (Colour: Red and Green)
  • Suitable brush to paint. (Suggestion: Use broad shapes brush)
  • Candle
  • Strong Adhesive to paste plastic.


How to Make Fruits from Plastic Bottles
How to Make Fruits from Plastic Bottles


Step 1: Take 2.5 liter bottles and cut them to 6 cm from the bottom. You can use a cutter for to cut initially after that, use scissor to cut entirely.

Step 2: Make sure that both the parts are perfectly fit to each other like a cap on the bottle. As well, use scissor or cutter to make the outer edge smooth and even.

Step 3: Now color both the parts with red. Put aside to make them dry.

Step 4:  Now cut the remaining part of the bottle to make leaves for apple. For that, cut like the leaf like structure and make them in contact with a burnt candle from a distance. So that, the leaves appear with the specific curves. And it looks like original.

Step 5: Now paints that leaves with green color oil paint.

Step 6: Keep both bottom part which we have cut and paint with red color. And keep them fixed with each other as other acted as a cap.

Step 7: Now keep that painted leaves and paste them with strong adhesive in the middle of the cap from outside.

Now your crafted apple is ready for you. It will look so much more attractive. In addition to that you can keep some materials (decorative like stones, pebbles etc.) in that apple by simply removing the cap.

Hope you like this craft. We will discuss some more in the next article.


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