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How to Make Nougat Recipe at Home

Homemade Classic Nougat Recipe

I will talk to you today about Nougat, one of the best sweet you can taste. Nougat is a Sweet that has appeared in many countries with different ingredients. You can find it in all colors from red to white and with different fragrance. Some people think nougat is hard to make but it is very easy to make with some patience and precision you will make it professionally. And I will show you to impress friends with this delicious sweet. Nougat can be tricky but I am sure you will be expert in it after following my recipe


1.5 cup of granulated sugar

100g chopped pistachios

150g almonds

150g roughly chopped hazelnuts

140g clear honey

1½ table spoon liquid glucose

1 tea spoon vanilla extract

2 egg whites

How to Make Nougat

Toast the nuts in the oven in 100C (if the nuts where toasted before you still need to put them in the oven to make sure they are warm when we mix them with syrup as you will see later)

Mix the honey and liquid glucose with sugar in a saucepan and add 110ml water

Stir the mix over a very low heat until the sugar has dissolved and you can use a heavy-base saucepan to make sure that it absorb slowly.

Once the sugar fully melted increase the heat and be careful that the mixture will keep increasing in the temperature rapidly and we need to take it a way of the heat when it reach 160 C if the mixture become more hot than 160C the sugar will crystallize

Now that you are careful and watching over the mixture once the syrup reach 160C take it off the heat and pour it on the egg white

Whisk the egg whites and the syrup steadily until the mixture is extremely thick.

After 5 minutes of whisking the mixture the vanilla extract and stir it manually.

Then add the warm chopped nuts and stir to mix the nuts completely with the syrup

Pour the heavy mix in a saucepan with rice paper laid in the bottom

Then press on the nougat from the top with another piece of rice paper to flatten the nougat

Put the chopping board on top and weight it with some weight (I just put a bag of rice), the purpose here is to make the nougat flat from both sides

Let it cool down for 4 hours.

Now the nougat is ready and you can take it out and cut into squares with sharp knife. Bon Appétit

Storing Nougat

You can keep nougat in an airtight bag or container for 2 weeks in a cool, dry place (but not in the fridge)

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