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How to Pick Clothes for Baby Girls

Top Tips for Choosing Baby Girl Clothes

How to Choose Clothes for Baby Girls

When you shop for your baby girls clothes you can always overwhelm yourself with the multiple choices available in shops, because it’s always amazing and pretty. I am here to teach you how to shop for your little angels clothes to get her the best and the most suitable dresses. I consider myself expert since I had two beautiful angels and helped a lot of friends online and offline using the same advices here in this article so if you follow my advices you can’t go wrong.

 When you are shopping for the little angel you should think about these terms

  1. Safety and comfort
  2. Function
  3. Convenience
  4. Fashion

Instead of overwhelming yourself with the choices on stand think of these four factors when you pick up a dress and you will never go wrong.

Safety and Comfort Are The First Priority When Choosing Baby Girl’s Clothes

  • When the little angel wears an outfit, she should be protected from any hazards or embellishments that can injure her soft skin so you have to check the label for any warning before you buy it. For example the outfit which 100% cotton is much better than the outfit with 50% cotton or less.
  • Make sure the outfit adheres to safety standards for example make sure there are small buttons, or sharp zippers that your baby could swallow.
  • For your babys comfort watch out for stiff labels, because it might annoys her.

The Function Factor

  • Before you go shopping know the correct size of her because although baby girls’ clothes are available in all sizes but you can always make mistakes and buy one outfit and turn out to be tight on her
  • Buy the outfit that will allow you to change her diapers easily without taking off all her clothes each time because you will do that often
  • The best size is that one which is easy to put on and off, so safe yourself the effort by picking this type of clothes
  • Remember little girls can grow faster than expected in the first year so pick a bigger size to be sure it will fit her for more months and to make sure it will remain comfort and not constrained.
  • There are some materials require hand-washing so be careful of that by checking the label, hand washing is a lot of effort especially when she messes her dress by crawling around. And choose the materials that do not require ironing to safe yourself that extra effort also.


  • When it comes to budget you need to plan wisely and stay in your budget so you can benefit more from these shopping trips. For example if you stay in the budget you can shop again next month and find better outfit than the previous time, but if you gone crazy you cannot do it more often, remember there is always better choices so stick with your budget to make shopping for clothes wiser.
  • Little girls are active and happy; they will be crawling all over the house. So you need to check the label on the outfit and make sure it is durable and can take regular washing without fading.
  • When you are shopping for your baby girl’s clothes, make a budget beforehand. Because there are a lot of beautiful choices that you can get carried away and buy more than you need.
  • Pick the right size that allows your baby to move freely.


  • Ok we are shopping for a little girl here, so following fashion trends is advisable (even when so young they love fashion dresses already), but don’t follow each trend blindly
  • Buy clothes that fit in different occasions. So playing time needs a suitable outfit and going out with mommy needs that little princess dress for taking photos.

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