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How to Wear Saree – 7 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing a Saree

Fast & Simple Saree Tips to Wearing

Saree, is a large fabric traditionally, women wear in India. The garment is common in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries in the world. Historically, the cloth was wear from cotton, or silk, but today it is made with artificial fibers. The Saree can be wear in different styles, tucked into a petticoat and being draped around the body. The folds, pleats, and methods of wrapping are designed to women’s curves and expose the midriff.

Now is believed that saree is originated in India with the dhoti, large cloth thousands of years ago in. you need to tie good and then wrapped around legs like pants.

Saree, as a dress, is unmatched and timeless.


How to wear a Sari – India’s national dress for females – one of elegant attries a woman can adorn and love….

There is a Nivi style of Saree, It is draping the most popular of them. Nivi style is origin in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. This is a traditional form of draping a Saree. This style represents the cultural heritage of India, and is universal…


How You Need to Drape Nivi Style?

  • You need to tuck one end of the Saree in the skirt, and then you must wrap one round.
  • Saree must falls just an inch short of the floor.
  • Now you can pick the other end and then make 6-7 pleats.
  • Hold the pleats, from around the back and then bring it to the front site.
  • Pin it up neatly on the shoulder and leave the pallu hanging.
  • You must focus on the untied portion, and then hold the Saree upper from the left and tuck it in the in skirt towards right.
  • Make 6-7 pleats, then tuck it in the in skirt, pleats must be facing on left.
  • Now, hold the pleats in place.


Tips & Tricks

  • Wear a in skirt on the same color as the Saree.
  • You need to be set with your footwear so you can get the right length at the foot.
  • Keep pins safety and handy for quick pin-ups.
  • Can you be ready with makeup, so you can save your time
  • You must have jewelry with accessorize.


What Are 7 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing a Saree

You cannot wear wedges or platforms under– you may wear boots

If you carry a big purse size of a travel bag is big mistake – isn’t it enough that you have to manage pleats. So Big bag is big No for you and for wearing saree

Make sure you are not wear wrong blouse for your body! No one wants to see spillage boob.

If you are wearing maang tikkas and ear, and they are too big and don not stay in place.

Pleats or pinning up the blouse in the wrong way or with the showing pin.

Can somebody manage flared petticoats? No,  

If you are not used to wearing it, do not wear a sari, and go with the traditional fitted petticoat, or avoid taking the risk.

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