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I Want You ” 1 “

First Episode of I Want You - Ghost Story

A Lady at the age of twenty-eight is looking for a new house. Because she needs more rooms for her children. In her family, she has two daughters and one son. The oldest daughter is in a high school level, her name is Rose. The second daughter is in an elementary school level, her name is Madlen, and the son is in a kindergarten level, his name is Tom. Her husband died about five years ago in a car accident.

In the morning, she opens the newspaper for reading the ads, hoping that she could find an appropriate house, but until now she can’t find a suitable one for her, after that she goes to her work, she asks her colleagues If they notice any next door houses for rent, and then one of her colleagues says: “There is an eight-storey building. It’s very old like a castle, yet a very beautiful one.

“They have added the advert just right now, I saw it when I was on my way here in the office. They put the announcement today. I do believe you’re going to love it if you’ll see it. After she finished her work she called her eldest daughter on the cell phone, telling her that she will arrive at home later than usual to see that house in the advert. The house was outdated, yet it was huge and adorable.

Like a castle upon looking outside, it’s an eight-storey building. The walls of the stairs were full of Inscriptions. You cannot say it is a pretty Inscriptions, yet it is not ugly in its own way. They were grotesque and everyone thinks that the language of these inscriptions was Latin. The flat they want to rent is on the second floor, including the third floor. The walls of this building are more than three meters high. The apartment has only one door wherein the two floors are connected with each other with stairs inside the flat. It has a wide entrance at the end of it. You can find an old and very huge library made ​​of stones, stick on the wall, and filled with books. Each floor has three bedrooms, both floors have very large receptions, one huge kitchen, and every room including a bathroom which is amazing.

The landlord was walking by her side while she was looking around the house’s rooms one by one. She reached the balcony, opened its door to see the spacious and the beautiful garden. There were big trees, green plants, and different-colored roses everywhere. The garden has two gateways to the street and on the two sides of each gateway, there are two white marble statues of persons who carry sharp instruments like a machete or something like that.

At that moment, the landlord, an old man, approached the woman saying: “What a beautiful view! Isn’t it?”

The woman said nothing and seemed confused, thinking of that house.

The old man didn’t care and continued saying:

Madam, you can live here with your sons without paying anything.”

Woman: “How come! The poster says ‘house for rent’! not ‘house for free’!”

Landlord: “Yes, right. I did so to be able to choose the good tenant and I chose you. Actually, I was looking for a decent and nice family to live here and when I saw you, I felt at ease. The matter is that my daughter was living here and she died three years ago. My wife can’t believe that she died and I want her to realize the stark reality and to coexist with it. So, it’s a mutual benefit; I need this house to be rented as soon as possible, and you need a big house with a spacious and a beautiful garden to live in with your children. Besides, this house is close to your workplace.

He continued his words with more explanation: “This house needs too many repairs, or renovates whether for the floors, or the walls in order to be a suitable place. These repairs will cost you a lot, so consider that these costs are the rent. What’s your opinion?”

The lady says to the old man: “I need more time to take my decision.

Old man: “Take your time.”

She left the house..

The rest of the eight floors in the building were inhabited by other families, but she doesn’t even know more about those families. Talking about the house, she likes it – the rental fee was not high considering the whole area of the house. But she felt a little hesitant deep inside her. Because it was a very wide house and she doesn’t need all these rooms.

When she came back at home, she told her eldest daughter, Rose about this building. Rose felt excited to see this building, then she asks her mom to see this apartment, at the end of the day, her mom accept that, she had taken them all to see it, and if they liked it, she would sign the contract, when they went there, her children love this apartment, they encouraged their mom to sign in the housing contract, now they’re living in this building.

To be continued…


Written by Maha F. 

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