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I Want You” 11 “

Episode 11 of I Want You - Horror & Murder Story

Day 6:

When Williams found those words written on his arm, he panicked and felt frustrated. He hit the wooden door using his leg then he said: I WON’T STAY WITH THIS MISERABLE CREATURE ANOTHER NIGHT, WE NEED TO OPEN THIS FREAKING DOOR!

Finally, Williams was able to break the door. The sunlight was sneaking in. Adam looked under the wooden table, and he found the camera that the murderers were using. He asked his friend to take it with them before going out.

When they got out to the garden, neither Mr. Aws nor his wife Alin was there. Williams and his friends got out in a hurry from the house’s gate. They called the police and the ambulance for their friend Adam.

They went to the hospital, but Rakan waited for the police outside the building beside the metal gate. The police arrived, and two of the cops came in. One of them was a woman. They followed Rakan to the garden, and they saw the bodies. Also, they got into this weird place where they were prisoned by Mr. Aws and his wife Alin.

The policewoman noticed something sparkling on the ground with different attractive colors. She held it with her hand, and it touched like dust. She grabbed some with her hand and put it in her pocket, and she made sure that no one noticed her, even her coworker.

The investigators started to show up at the crime scene. When the policewoman begin to feel tired and a high temperature all over her body, she couldn’t bear working anymore. So, she asked to take three days off. She slept for almost three days without eating or drinking anything. All she did was sleeping.

On the third day, she began to feel much better. She remembered the sparkling dust in her pocket. So, she went to get it out. She looked at it once again and held some of it in her hand. It was a cloud of ordinary dust, and some of it stuck in her hand, so she cleaned her hand but some particles of the sparkling dust fell on the ground. She heard the bell ringing, so she went to open the door, but no one was there. She closed the door and went to her room, but she found the walls split, and a weird creature ran towards her quickly and got inside her body. She passed out on the ground.

Many days passed, and the policewoman left her job and started working on the magic field as a “hex.” She became famous in this field, and many celebrities went to her.

The cops started investigating by digging each corner in the garden, and they found other bodies for missing people.

The police started investigating with Mr. Aws and his wife Alin to know who killed all those people, so they questioned everyone living in this building and took their fingerprints. It was useless, as no fingerprint matched the one in the crime scene. Also, they searched for any proof in Mr. Aws’ house to arrest him, but they couldn’t find anything. Furthermore, the bullet Mr. Aws fired on Adam’s leg was proved that it did not come from his gun, even though Williams and his friends said the opposite.

After many days of investigations with Mr. Aws and his wife Alin, they both were free after paying a fine and went back to their house.

Williams and his friends did not deliver the camera to the police directly, and they kept it with them in the hospital for five days. Adam’s friends didn’t leave him until he got much better.

They started searching on the camera for any records of what happened to all the youth who were murdered. They found some of it in the memory of the camera. They played the first video and found the murderers sitting in front of the camera. The corners of the room were dark. There was a dead body behind them inside the triangle. The murderers were praying and asking for forgiveness from Satan. They asked Satan to accept this body from them. The murderers were sitting on the floor for days repeating the same words for their god, and when one of them feels tired, hungry, or thirsty, he does what he wants and then goes back.

They have not stopped for one minute, whether at night or day. A year has passed without going out of the place. All they do is praying and asking for mercy.

Suddenly, one of them started screaming, and his body was torn apart as a scary creature got out of his back. He was sitting beside them, who continued praying. He started eating the parts that fell off his body as if they were some sort of candy. After that, the creature hit the young man’s head in the wall. The rest of the murderers didn’t care and remained repeating the same words. The evil put his hand on each one of the heads, one after the other, and they started melting while they were screaming.

The blood started flooding from the walls and started melting like ice. A great group of people showed up out of nowhere, and one of them stepped forward towards the body to close the young man’s eyes inside the triangle. The man’s face was evident in the camera, which surprised Williams and his friends because he was the dead boy’s father, who waited outside the building holding his photo every day.

The father carried his son’s body and put it in a wooden coffin, then he tightened up his hands and put his mobile phone and the Satanic Bible between his hands.

A group of people carried the wooden coffin outside this place.

All of them shouted out loud to this creature, telling him that they are supporting him and they are his followers. And they will always remain loyal to him. The creature disappeared and the other people either at once.

Williams: We need to turn those videos and the camera to the police so that they could start investigating. I think Rose’s problem had come to an end because we found all the dead bodies, which were the reason behind all the problems.

Adam: Do you think that when you bury all the bodies in the right way, all our problems will be solved? What about this weird creature that showed up in the records, and we saw him with our bare eyes!!

Williams: I believe that the only thing that gave power to this creature is the existence of all those dead bodies. When they disappear, this nightmare will end. We are so lucky that we survived this situation because we don’t have any experience in the ghosts world. The police will solve the rest of the story. We have nothing to do with Rose, and her mother will understand that now, isn’t that great? We are so lucky!!!! We will get out of this situation forever.

Adam, Anel, and Rakan agreed on Williams‘s suggestion, as they wanted to go back to their houses again safe. They stayed in Rose’s home waiting for her to come back home from the hospital, and those days were calm. Nothing creepy or scary has happened.

About the families of the missing youth were standing outside the house looking for their sons, as they all disappeared in front of the metal gate. The police kept the investigations running, but they couldn’t find anything.  

   To be continued….


Written by Maha F. 

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