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I Want You ”17 “

Episode 17 of I Want You - Horror Story

Day 12 :

Neither Williams nor his friends were among the people in Mr. Aws’ garden; they were gathered at Williams’ house, Watching and marveling at all that was happening in their small town.
It was in Williams’ mind to visit Rose’s mother and to explore what is happening there, why the townspeople gather in this house and what exactly are they doing there ???

So he decided to talk to his friends to tell them what was on his mind.
And when he spoke to them, he was surprised that all his friends except Brett and Daniel, who had decided to get out of this bleak city, marry and live away from all these unfortunate events but The rest of Williams’ friends were thinking about the same thing, which is to go to Rose’s mother’s house to find out what is happening in the garden of this house???

Williams and his friends agreed on going out together to visit Rose’s mother and to find out what was happening in the house garden. And when they entered from the garden gate, they found all the people of the city there, and they were working hard to dig the trench, which was about to be completed. But when Williams and his friends entered, the townspeople stopped digging and began to drag Williams and his friends into the garden, then some men stood at the gate of the garden as if they were guards for the gate, carrying weapons, while others went to continue digging.

Williams and his friends found only the door of Rose’s house to knock on, and when Rose’s mother opened the door, they entered quickly without waiting for them to be allowed in, and they were surprised to find that Rose was standing on the table, blindfolded, with blood on her face and hands, as well as her clothes.
Williams asks Rose’s mother: What’s going on? And why is Rose in such a bad condition…Didn’t you tell us she’s fine!!!
Suddenly Rose’s mother broke down in tears, saying, “Forgive me, I lied to you. Mr. Aws and his wife Alin threatened me, and I had no choice but to carry out their demands for my daughter Rose’s treatment, but as you can see it is from bad to worse.
And their goal was to drag you into this house again, but I don’t know why??
Suddenly Rose says, “Really, Mom, you don’t know why Mr. Aws and his wife, Alin, want Williams and his friends…and then she starts laughing.
Williams looked at Rose’s mother and yelled at her, “Come on, tell us the truth…what do Mr. Aws and his wife want from us???

Rose’s mother broke down in tears, saying, “They want revenge… they want revenge on us all… you, me and my sons… and my daughter Rose was the beginning… they did this to her too… It wasn’t just a coincidence… All they told me is that tomorrow will be the beginning of their revenge…and I don’t know anything else…believe me!!!
Williams and his friends began to think how they could get out of the house, but when they looked from the balcony of the house, they found some of the townspeople gathered together, guarding the house, carrying weapons, so that no one would get out.
The rest are scattered in the garden and at the gates of the house.
Williams and his friends stood on the balcony of the house trying to find a loophole to sneak and escape through it out the house. But nothing works.
While Williams and his friends were standing on the balcony at sunset, they saw some men carrying two coffins, and walking behind those coffins, Mr. Aws and his wife Alin, then the men began to put the coffins inside the trench, and Mr. Aws and his wife entered the trench with some of the people, whether they were “men” Women or children” and the rest of the people in the garden begin to bury the coffins and people.
Williams and his friends collapse from what they saw, saying: They are buried alive. What is this?? what is happening??? They buried them alive and none of them resisted!!!
Then Rose’s mother begins to cry, saying: They lied to me.. They lied to me… They will not treat my daughter… They all died and were buried alive with the body of Lina and her husband.
Williams says to Rose’s mother: What are you saying??? Lina is not married !!!
Rose’s mother shouts, “Yes, she married the evil the day I killed her with my husband… All this time Mr. Aws and his wife have been hiding the bodies of the two of them inside their house.. As for Lina, she wants revenge on us all, and now she is gathering her strength to take revenge on us. Tomorrow will be the day of judgment .
Rose’s mother began telling them everything that had happened to her with Lina and what had happened between her and Mr. Aws and his wife, Aline.

Adam says to Rose’s mother: Damn you and this damn house.
And while everyone was quarreling with each other, Rose suddenly jumped off the table quickly and stuck her hand in the chest of her little brother Tom, and his body was broken as glass breaks, then turned to ashes and descended on the ground and then flew into the air.
Everyone rushes out the door and hides in Mr. Aws’ house, but finds the house full of people who are followers of Lena and Mr. Aws. Then Rose’s mother says, “Let’s go on the top of the building.”

To be continued…

Written by Maha F. 

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