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I Want You ” 2 “

I Want You " 2 "

All of her children decided to get their rooms in the top floor. Because of that, their mom got the room downstairs. About the rest of the rooms, the mother decided to get another one for her work, and the last room is for Rose – to have a study room for her.

The mother discovers that all floors needed to be fixed. All the floors are made of wood, it’s squeaky and very old floorboards creaked under their feet. To fix all the house’s floor, it will cost her too much money. And because of that, she decided to fix the reception’s floor only, and she will fix the rest of the apartment later on.

Rose is clever, attractive, and brainy. She wanted to be a lawyer, so she is studying very hard, she spends the most of her time for studying. She does not care to have a boyfriend.

She arranged both her rooms in the morning quickly, and then she entered Rose’ study room, and before Rose enters to her room, she said for her mom: “Don’t call me for dinner. When I feel hungry, I’ll go and eat out.” Then she shuts her room’s door at 12 am.

Her mother was busy in arranging the rest of the rooms in the new house. She spent all her day, and at 11 o’clock pm she slept.

Rosy entered her mom’s room, she was panicky and trembles, Rose asked her mother to sleep beside her.

Mom: “What is going on!?”

Mom: “Why you don’t go to your room to sleep, baby?”

Rose: “Nothing, I want to sleep with you, because I had a bad dream.”

Mom: “Ok baby. What is the time now?”

Rose: “It’s 3 o’clock a.m.”

Rose didn’t tell her mother what she saw in her study room, she saw something black look like a man standing in the corner of the room, then she heard the sound of chains dragging on the ground, because of that she was scared, and she went to sleep beside her mom.

Rose has begun to change since that day. She didn’t eat well, and she didn’t study too. She begins to lose her weight day after day. She starts caring about the men, every week she has a new boyfriend and she starts enjoying to break their hearts, now she has a large list of lovers.

In the morning she goes out, she spends all the morning out, and no one knows where she is!

To be continued….


Written by Maha F. 

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