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I Want You ” 6 “

The First Day

Williams passed through the crowds of the anger people who were standing in front of Mrs. Latin’ gatehouse. In the meantime, Mr. Aws and his wife Alin, who live on the first floor, were in the balcony looking at those people. When they saw Williams and his friends getting in the house with many of cameras and other equipment, Mrs. Alin said:

“Finally, reckless and arrogant Williams with his idiot friends in the house! Finally, I will avenge my only daughter! My revenge will start after 13 days only, I am counting days waiting that day!”

Mr. Aws:             “Look at their smiley faces, it looks like they are getting in a park! Williams also didn’t change anymore and didn’t learn a lesson from his mistakes!”

Then he held her wife’s hand and looked at her sad face, saying

“he deserves what we are going to do.”  

Alin:                      “Yes, he does! But what makes me sad is that we borne the losses before, and we will bear them at the end as if we were born just to lose!”

Mr. Aws:             “Would you like to stop doing this?”

Alin:                      “All dreams and hops vanished since our daughter’s death, so now, there is no reason or motivation for stopping what we planned to do.”

Mr. Aws:             “I am going to proceed digging in the back yard and I have a lot of work to be finished before passing the 13 days.”

Meanwhile, Williams and his friends knocked at Rose’ mother’s door. Madleen, Mrs. Latin’s another daughter, opened the door and ran towards her mother.

Mrs. Latin:         “This is my daughter, Madleen. Roz have been sleeping since three days without food or water! I tried to awake her up but in vain, please try, may you can.”

Williams:            “I will do my best. But before that, we have to install this equipment all over the house. If she is still sleeping, we will install some equipment in her room too, which will awake her of course. May we start our work?”

Mrs. Latin:         “of course! Please come on and make yourselves at home.”

In the meantime, Adem looked out the window and asked Mrs. Latin, saying:         

“Didn’t you try to talk to those anger people?”

Mrs. Latin:         “Mr. Aws told me that he will handle the situation and if he fails, he will call the police.”

After Williams installed the cameras all over the house with his friends, he said:     

“Now, let’s install the cameras inside Rose’s room. May we get in her room?

Mrs. Latin:         “Of course. Do whatever you want.”

Here, Brett took the black bag, were there are the glasses and the wine bottles, from Williams’ hand and said with a mischievous grin:

                                “Now, I need this bag. Anyone needs to come with me? I will be there, up that building stairs.

All of them answered:

“No, we will finish our work in Rose’ room first.”

When they entered the room, Rose waked up and said:         

“is it you, Williams!”

Williams answered:     

“Yes, and they are my friends.”

And before saying their names, she said:         

“I know who they are and I know their names, but where’s your friend Brett?

Williams:            “she is taking a break.”

Rose burst into laughter, saying

“I know where she is now.”

Williams:            “where?”

Rose:                     “I am not Rose.”

Williams:            “So, who you are?

Rose:                     “I am Lina, don’t you remember me?

Williams took the Bible out of his pocket and said:    

“No, you are not. It’s impossible to be Lina.”

He started reading from the Bible than stopped and asked her again:

“who you are?”

She answered: “I am Rose.”

Williams:            “Where is Lina?”

She laughed, saying

“she got up there and she is standing on the stairs.”

Williams started reading from the Bible and when he looked at Rose, he found her looking around her normally. Then he stopped and said:

“This is enough today, let’s install the rest devices in Rose’s room.”

Rose got out her bed and said to her mother:               

“Mom, I am hungry.”

Her mother smiled and said:  

“I am going to prepare the food right now.”

Then, Rose went to the kitchen with her mother.

In the meantime, Brett came, scared and frightened, and said:           

“I saw the devil up there, I am sure it wasn’t a human.”

Williams:            “Relax and tell us what happened.”

She said:            “after getting up to have a drink and smoke a cigarette, I was looking out of the window, putting the glass and the pack of cigarettes on the windowsill. The cigarettes pack fell on the floor, when I was picking it up, I caught a sight of something black with black bare legs and long claws, standing on the stairs and staring at me. I am afraid, Williams, and I think we can’t do anything with this house and Rose! It was not human, I am sure!”

They all looked at each other, then Anel said:

“This is exactly what Rose said! It went up! And now Brett confirms that she saw it!”

Williams:            “We have to sleep in this house tonight or for several nights. I am sure there is a logical reason behind this story. Brett, don’t be afraid, we all are with you and will protect you.”

Then he hugged her saying:   

“I will never let you get hurt.”

As darkness falls, they all went to sleep except Daniel who was watching out the cameras. Then, when he went to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee, he found Williams preparing his cup of coffee too.

Daniel:                “Why you couldn’t sleep?”

Williams:            “Maybe because I am not at my home.”

Daniel:                “Yes, I see. Williams, do you love Brett? When she was afraid, you hugged her lovingly. I had never seen you doing this with any other woman before.”

Williams:            “No, I don’t love her, but I have some feelings towards her, I don’t know what they are exactly.”

Daniel looked at Williams’ face and said:        

“I love her so much and I want to marry her. Look, Williams”

He went in his pocket and pulled out a small box that contains diamond ring which seems very expensive.

Daniel continued saying:         

“I have this ring too long ago, but I dare not to tell Brett anything. When I saw you hugging her today, I felt very angry, so I decided to talk with you first as I don’t want neither to lose our friendship nor to lose Brett.”

Brett wanted to drink some water, but when she heard Daniel and Williams talking, she stood behind the kitchen door to hear what they were saying. When she heard Williams’ sayings, she started to cry and went back to her room, saying to herself

“after all these years we spent with each other, you confess that you don’t love me, Williams!”

“You even didn’t dare to tell me that you don’t love me, although you know very well how I love you! Now I know how you see me. I am nothing! I am nothing!”

                                “I will forget about my love for you. I deserve a happy life, so from now on, my love for you will end over time just like falling the leaves in Autumn!”

Then she looked in the mirror, saying

“I will love Williams no more! There is no space for him inside my heart!”

To be continued…

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