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I Want You ” 8 “


Anel to his friends:     “We have followed the logic concept and that there is no superpower in this world, but we achieved nothing! Let’s suppose that there is a superpower in this house, so we have to know the one who controls it! Is it Roze or his mother? I also couldn’t stop suspecting Mr. Aws and his wife.”

                   “Tell me, Williams, about the records. Before Daniel and Brett had left, they told me to watch the records and we have the right to know what they are about!”

Adam:        “What! What did you say! Did they leave? Why? And when?”

Williams:   ” Since some hours, in the night.”

Then, Williams started telling them what happened, and what Daniel saw in the records.

Rakan:        “I think we have to watch them all; Roze, her mother, Mr. Aws, and his wife, to know who is behind this matter! But, let’s suppose that we made sure that there is a real ghost here and that this madam and her sons really need our help, how could we get out and convince her that we have nothing to do with this issue!?

Williams:   “We can’t get out of this house before finding answers. What will we tell  Roze ‘s mother? “Sorry! We came here and made a mockery of you and your saying?” Shame on us! I think everyone of us needs to watch one of them. Now, I am going to go to Roze ‘s room to read some verses from the Bible for her as I think she is getting better day by day.

Adam:        “Yes, I think so. “She is getting better”, but at the same time, we fly in the air and hold devils’ hands! What’s up with you, Williams! Don’t you see that we are in danger?”

Williams:   “Don’t worry. We all will be fine. I am going to Roze ‘s room.”

Rakan:        “Damn you, Williams!  You always put us at risk without knowing how to rescue us.”

Here, Williams said in anger: “So, save yourselves! I didn’t force any of you to stay with me. If you want to leave this house, do it. I won’t prevent any of you, but I will stay.”

Then Williams left them, going to Roze ‘s room. When he entered her room, he found her sleeping well. After getting in, he closed the door softly not to disturb her, but he found bloody fingerprints. He rushed out the room to go and watch the records of her room, and found that Roze, at 3 am, was standing behind her room’s door and black shadows for persons were everywhere around her. It seems that she was in horror as she was clinging to the wall behind her, like cats. Suddenly, a big black shadow appeared from the wall behind her with his glowing eyes and gave her a back hug. While hugging Roze, he screamed so loudly which makes the other black shadows go away. Then, he pulled her inside the wall. Roze disappeared, but at 6 am, she appeared again on her bed, sleeping quietly. Williams returned to the room to ask her about what happened! He called her out, but no answer. When he got close, and held her hand to awake her up, he found her hand clod like the ice! He rushed out to tell her mother to call a doctor. Mrs. Latin, Roze ‘s mother, was knowing that there was a doctor who lives in the same building, so she went to ask his help not to wait for a long time.

The old doctor examined Roze and said: “Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. She just needs some vitamins because she doesn’t eat well. Also, it’s better to take her to the hospital for several days, then she will be OK. Don’t worry.”

Then, he called the ambulance to come and take her…

While they all were in the balcony, waiting the ambulance, the old doctor said:

  “These anger people, standing in front of the building, don’t get tired of waiting you Mrs. Latin, did you think to talk to them?”

Mrs. Latin: “What should I tell them? Neither I nor  Roze know where these guys disappeared!”

Old doctor:         “I heard that they are one thousand or more, is this right?”

Mrs. Latin: “I don’t know anything about this and I don’t know how many they are. The police came here and investigated us, but they found nothing that criminates us!”

Here, the ambulance came to take Roze to the hospital for four days till it become better…

Once it got dark, Anel, Rakan and Adam went to the garden. They were in a good mood and Adam was holding three glasses and a wine bottle. They went to sit in a corner away from the house.

Anel:          “Where is Williams? Why he didn’t come to join us?”

Rakan:        “Of course he will. He won’t let us drink wine alone.”

Adam, loudly and laughing:

“Hey, ghosts! Do you hear me? Ha? We get out to the garden by ourselves, so you don’t need to make us fly in the air to sleep in the garden like yesterday. We challenge you and we are not afraid of you. What are you going to do today? Or tonight? Come and drink a glass of wine with us, or you don’t like it?!”

Anel, laughing:

“I think these ghosts have no stomach to drink wine with us.”

Rakan, laughing:

“This means that they have no stool!”

Adam, loudly and laughing:

“Why don’t we ask him? Hey ghost, I want to see your stool and how it looks like!”

Suddenly, Adam found himself covered totally with stool. They laughed and then Adam said in anger:              “That’s enough, ghost! I am going to have a shower. What a disgusting you are!”

After Adam had left, the other friends continue laughing and drinking wine. Williams came and joined them, but suddenly, black shadows with shining eyes appeared from the whole garden fences and they were running everywhere around them. Rakan tried to open his mobile camera to take photos for them, but Williams called on him to get inside the house. They all were frightened, so they ran leaving the glasses and the wine behind them to enter the house. After getting in, they closed the door and these black shadows started knocking on the door strongly, trying to break it down, while the friends standing behind it to prevent the ghosts from entering the house.

 To be continued…

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