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If Your Child is Slim

If Your Child is Slim


We always say a healthy mind in a healthy body. But what if your baby is slim, and he refuses to eat well, also he does not have the ideal weight, you took him to the doctor, and the doctor said he is ok, nothing wrong with him.

To solve this problem, I will give you some tips, and I hope these tips will help you when your child loses his appetite.

There are some kinds of foods that help loss of appetite, you should try to avoid these kinds of food.

Types of food which help the child to lose his appetite such as:

Juices, or any kind of juice has a soda “ Pepsi-Cola “, keep your child away from the snacks which has a low nutritional value such as crackers, and fried foods.

Instead of those meals, try to provide nutritious meals for your child, and has many colors, because as you know the children love the colors.

Divide his meal into several sections, because his stomach is small, if you find white spot in his nails that mean he needs Zinc, the Zinc causes a shortage in poor senses of taste and smell, which weakens the child’s appetite, or perhaps his body is needs different types of vitamins, try to reveal what kind of vitamins his body needs.

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