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Increase Your Child’s Shoes Size Easily


Shoes Child:

Adults can be patient enough for tight shoes until it become suitable and comfortable for the feet but children cannot take that experience or even walk in a tight pair of shoes.

We present to you two easy and simple steps you can apply at home for some minutes to increase the size of your child’s shoes.

Shoes Size Child:


Hair dryer

Thick wool socks

The tight shoes

Shoe for Child:


  1. Let your child wear the thick wool socks and then let your child wear the shoes as much as possible.
  2. Focus the hair dryer over the areas that annoys your child like the part at the from toe or at the sides, so you will be loosening the back part that annoys both of children and adults, which force some of them to put medical strips or water packs to reduce the pain.
  3. After following these steps, you will be able to have your child able to wear those shoes simply and more flexibly. We advise you to try this method for your shoes too since winter shoes are always tight and painful.

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