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Interior Design Directions

Interior Design Directions

Best Interior Design Tips

Welcoming the New Year, you are definitely asking about the décor characteristics for this year and for the touches, you can add around your house to match the new modern directions in the field of interior design. Regarding what should be removed, replaced or dismissed, here are the simple tips:

Wide Lines:

The mixture between designs retro and modern designs is simply shown in the style of interior design. Some examples include using glass and copper, Swedish drawn leathers, Kashmir covers or hanging evergreen plants over walls, which don’t need daily care.

The geometrical shapes, wooden crafts and classical furniture pieces are also promoted.


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When you take a quick look at the common colors, you will find it in the blue hue with its bright and dark shades interspersed with colors mixed with blue too in addition to a combination of pastel colors and gray.

Regarding the common style direction, use blue value and copper for furniture and accessories. From another side, you will see that light purple, coming from orchid and was common in recent seasons, is going backwards although it was very accepted for many people because of its prestigious feature and modern look.



There are some standards in the world of interior design, whenever the styles were changed, without the omission of the rule of owner’s taste and preferences. These standards including wooden furniture, glass pieces, and neutral colors of white, black, gold and silver that goes rapidly in a harmony with the other pieces.



To keep up with the interior design tips, without spending too much money, just follow these tips from interior designers:

  • Change your rooms’ paint because it will be given a new life, in an affordable budget.
  • Add pillows and blankets with common colors or seasonal patterns.
  • Use side lights or floor lights in addition to candle holders and candlesticks that will give your house a sense of warmth and quietness.


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