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Kunafe From Toast Bread Recipe (Soft Kunafe with White Cheese Recipe)

2 Recipes to Make Soft Kanafeh Without Kunafa Dough

Homemade Soft Knafeh With Toast Bread Recipe


600 g white toast

200 g butter

500 g white cheese, salt free, or Halloumi cheese that is cut into pieces.

3 cups water

9 tablespoons semolina

1 spoon rose water

White Toast
White Toast

Palestinian Soft Kanafeh With Cheese and Semolina Recipe


1-Mix the white toast with butter in blender.

2-Add the mixture in tray then add a layer of white cheese.

3-In a casserole, add 3 cups water and 9 tablespoons semolina over medium heat and stir regularly until the mixture becomes thick, then add a spoon of rose water over the mixture and stir well.

4-Take the semolina away from heat and put the mixture over the cheese. Add the tray in oven for 30 minutes and make sure that its color becomes gold at the bottom. Hence, put in oven to cook the surface and have its color gold.

Get a larger tray and put over the smaller one that has Kunafe. Split the trays and then add the syrup over the Kunafe while it is hot.

Note: When you make eastern desserts make sure to add syrup over the hot dessert and don’t wait until it gets cooled because the heat helps in mixing the syrup with the dessert.

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