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Lloret de Mar – a Place for Tourists

Best Family Holidays in Lloret de Mar

A popular tourist destination Lloret de Mar is located on the Mediterranean coast, and each year attracts more and more tourists. This small Catalan town belongs to the Spanish province of Girona, and away from Barcelona only 70 km. As for its beauty and everything that provides tourists, Lloret de Mar as well as select their destination and those who want to take a closer acquainted with the history, culture and architecture of Barcelona. Lloret de Mar is a place for all those who wish to spend their vacation on the beaches awarded the Blue Flag.

Lloret de Mar covers an area of ​​48 km2, its history extends far into the past, but the town managed to keep the thing is known. It is characterized by not only beautiful beaches, but also the architectural, cultural and natural attractions. Also, Lloret is true for one of the better sports centers, as it has the athletic field, football stadium, pavilion for basketball, handball, table tennis, skating, gymnastics, judo …

Beach Lloret de Mar has been awarded the Blue Flag, which means that the water quality at a high level, that the beaches are facilities where you can refresh and try some delicious specialty, you do not have to carry chairs and umbrellas but it can be rented on the beach, that there are lifeguards on the beaches… In Llotret de Mar is only one beach, in the center of town. It is covered with white sand, very well equipped, and although around Lloret are also very good beach, it is the most visited beach of Lloret. If you prefer to isolate, like isolated beaches, rocky or perhaps sand, nudists and you’re looking for nudist beaches, near Lloret find everything you want.

In Lloret you can find many cultural and historical monuments, but what stands out is the statue fisherman wife (Dona Marinera). This statue is ahead of anyone who comes in Lloret, because is located on top of a cliff above the sea was done so that her hand is raised and looks as if waving. It is believed that the fisherman woman symbolizes women sailors, facing towards the sea and waiting for them to return after months of times. In the city you can visit the chapel of Sant Pere del Bosc, the first parish church in Nostra Senyora de Les Alegries hermitage, museum Verdaguer, Chinese rural museum …

Lloret de Mar is a city that never sleeps, numerous bars, discos, nightclubs open until the early hours. Because of all that gives, because here the party never ends , Lloret de Mar is a popular tourist destination of Spain. It is certain that you will be from Lloret de Mar’s back with a few friends over, because the mood of tourists does not stop, and the smile does not leave his face.

One thing is certain: if you’ve never been in Lloret, time to this Catalan town to insert a list of places that you must visit!

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