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Make a Carpet Yourself

Make a carpet yourself


You can make a carpet by following 8 easy steps.



One-color carpet

Transparent printing papers


Cloth paint

Small painting brush

Adhesive tape






  1. Start searching for your favorite drawings over the internet then print it over transparent papers.
  2. Use ruler and cutter to dump the drawing.
  3. Put the adhesive tape over the borders of carpet completely.
  4. Make sure to fix the drawing over the carpet using adhesive tape and start painting using the brush.
  5. Repeat the previous method until you finish painting the whole area of the carpet.
  6. Remove the adhesive tape from the borders of the carpet put a new one, but leave an inner area of 2.5 cm.
  7. Paint the border of the carpet and leave to dry.
  8. Enjoy decorating the floor of your room with your new masterpiece.


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