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Make a Unique Bag for Yourself (DIY T-shirt Bag)

2 Ways to Make T-Shirt Bag


If your stile is unique, you would like something new for this spring days.

 We can offer you the best girl unique accessories.. Bag!

Bag is everything that one girl must have.


Materials for doing this craft:

You can use one old t – shirt who do not like anymore, or it is small for you. Do not throw away, you can recycle now.

We can use some thicker, fabric for new sturdier bag. Use your sharp scissors, but if you do not have them use any kind, just what your finger do not hurt yourself.

For end you will need one washable maker of any color, or a soap.


The method

 Step 1: you need to cut the sleeves off from shirt.

Fold your t- shirt in half and then cut both of the sleeves so they can be identical.  If material is thick and you cannot cut them both, cut first one, and then cut the second one, but you need to fold in half first one and cut the side as a guide for other sleeve.


Step 2: Cut the neckline area

You need to turn the shirt inside out, before cutting, you need to trace the outline of a bowl. You can use free-hand cutting because is better, or use slightly oval shape.  You can ended up with trimming.


Step 3: You need to determined how deep you would like to be your bag

Now you need to determine where you like to be bottom of the bag, then trace across a line. You need to know that depending on the fabric used, your tote is like stretch and will be longer.


Step 4: Now you can cut the fringe

Use scissors and then cut from the bottom of the shirt slits up, to the line.  Then you need to mark the bottom of the bag. You would need to cut together, both the back and front layers because they must match up for your step who will work later.


Step 5: Tie now the fringe

This is looks like complicated step, but I is not. Take first pair of fringe and then you need to tie it into a knot, then take tie for two more pairs. If you lift your bag you can see that the pairs are pulling together, there comes a small hole between this pair. Next step will close this holes. Then take strand on the right sight set up and you need tie it to the next set of strand, so on and so forth till all strands come tied. Turn the t-shirt on the right side out! Congratulation, you have new unique bag!

Second Way:
Tote Bag from a T-Shirt || DIY With French Coast Workshop


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