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Home Crafts Make Air Freshener in 10 Minutes

Make Air Freshener in 10 Minutes

Make Air Freshener In 10 Minutes

The first international advice is to “GO GREEN” which means that the world should go for using natural resources and avoid using chemical compositions or industrial processes that harm the human health especially kids. If you are one of those who trust every green and prefer adding a fresh touch for every room in your house without going for air spraying, you can use a new cheap method to create a homemade air freshener that reflects your style. It will last for longer time that synthetic ones and it will impress your guests.

It is easy and you will need only 5 ingredients and some minutes for cooking over heat and another 5 minutes for preparation.

Oils to Enhance Your Home


28g Gelatin

2 cups water

30 drops from your favorite aromatic oil (You can choose any of odors like Jasmine, Vanilla, Cinnamon or lemon)

1 tbsp. salt

Food colors



Put the first cup of water in a pot over heat and add gelatin. Stir gently to have it molten.

Add salt to the mixture with the second cup of water and set aside.

Put the drops of aromatic oil with your favorite food color in glass pot, add the hot gelatin mixture, and stir until all are mixed together.

Let it cool down until it reaches the room’s temperature (without covering)

Enjoy you discovering and put it in your favorite corner in your home and you can use it also inside a closet.

Create your own mixture or use any of these suggestions:

Orange and Rosemary mixture (25 drop of orange oil + 5 drops of rosemary oil)

Lemon and Basil mixture (20 drips of basil oil + 8 drops of lemon oil)

Tropical mixture (20 drops of pineapple oil + 3 drops of lemon oil + 2 drops of orange oil)

Lavender mixture (20 drips of lavender oil + 5 drops of thyme oil + 2 drops of lemon oil)


How To Make Easy Homemade Natural Air Fresheners (That Really Work) ????? by Natural Health


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