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Make an Origami Kusudama Flower

How to Make For You - Origami Kusudama Flower, Origami Kusudama Flower | DIY Origami Paper Craft

Origami Paper Stars:

How to Make For You – Origami Kusudama Flower

When you will learn how to fold some origami flower, you will want to add this flower in your list of your new job. This flower is easy to fold.


Origami Kusudama Flower Bouquet:

How to make an Origami Kusadama Flowers, you will need to follow this steps that we have for you:

Making Origami Kusudama Flower with Folding Instructions:


Origami Star Paper:

1. Select Your Paper

This flowers, are made with six sheets of paper. You can use some origami paper, papers from calendar, and you need to cut the size you wish. Bigger papers can give results in bigger petals, and it gives you a beautiful flower.


2. Make a Form – Paper Triangle

You need to put in front of you the paper, facing up with the back side. Then you need to fold it diagonally, so you can make a triangle. It is a simple, and is used to many types of projects.


3. You Need to Make a Square

Fold the right and left corners up, in the middle so you can make a square. To make crisp you need to fold to ensure the nicest kusudama flower.


4. Fold Down The Corners

Fold the right and left corner down so you can meet the paper in edges.


5. Flaps Need to Be Flatten

Flatten the flaps that you created. You need to fold the top triangle down.


6. Create Your Own Kusudama Flower Petals

You need to fold the left corner in so they can meet on the first side. With the right corner you need to repeat. Glue your flower petal .You need to repeat, until you have a total of your flower petals. And then compare the flower petals when you are finished so you can make sure that they are all exactly the same form and sized


7. Your Kusudama Flower Need To Be Complete

Start with glue. The petals need to be glued together to form kusudama flower. Use a liquid craft glue, or glue stick, let each connection dry 5 – 10 min. If you like you can add a little extra embellishment for your flower, rhinestone to the center and scrapbook brad. You can use wire so you can attach flower to the bow on a package.



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