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Makeup for all Bride

Makeup for all Bride

Makeup for Brides:

Each girl is of crucial importance that on her wedding day need to look like a real princess. In order to manage to achieve this, there are several tricks that you should pay attention.


How to Makeup a Bride:

  1. Start with the face

If you have never devoted a lot of time for facial care, it is time to start. Photos from the wedding can show every pore, and of course you want to look better. For starters, once a week exfoliate the face.

Choose a gentle scrub to avoid irritated skin, and make it in the evening to the skin by morning arrived to recover. The evening before the wedding also put exfoliation to the skin which looked nicer in the morning.


  2. Do not risk with treatments

If you want, you can go to a beauty salon for a massage of face, but cannot undergo invasive and abrasive treatments to which you have never been. You do not know how it can affect your skin, and you certainly do not want to rescue appearance at the last minute.


 3. Test makeup

Maybe some girls know perfectly that the same make-up for these events, but you have to remember that this makeup should last up to 12 hours. Emotions, sun, cold, kisses – all this affects the face, and it’s important to be professional makeup that lasts as long as possible.

The test will provide makeup, by makeup artist to introduce you to the time agreed on what you want. Anything goes wrong on their wedding day, and the first time you met makeup artist, could result in tears, and hysteria, and it definitely does not want to.


4. Stick to neutral appearance

Your wedding day is not when you should go experiment with makeup. Want to look beautiful, attractive, fresh and timeless, and when you look after 30 years of photos from the wedding, then you’ll want to look the same. Therefore, try to choose the type of makeup that will never “go out of fashion.


5. The skin should shine

If you have oily skin to control shine, be sure to bring along a powder. Buffer hover over a t-zone and pick up excess fat. The skin should be healthy it shines not fat


6. Artificial eyelashes, yes or no?

Try to control the tears. If you do know that you will not be able to overcome them, talk to makeup artist did you should avoid artificial eyelashes. Tears can weaken the adhesive so that the eyelashes may fall out. Instead, you can use mascara for volume. In any case, whether you opt for artificial eyelashes or not, waterproof mascara is required.


7. Now in trends are golden tones

Golden tones shadows are welcome to this year combined with black, or another warm color of shadows and gray tones recommend all blondes with blue eyes combined with a black shadow.


8. Do not go anywhere

In your purse you must always have to have a gloss, or lipstick, because the wedding day to be a lot of kisses and congratulations!


9.Highlight your eyes

If you do not have a lot of detail on the dress, and you have chosen a casual bun, it will perfectly suit you to emphasize your eyes in the shadow of one of the actual colors, such as dark green, purple, dark blue, or black impassable. On that day, you can use artificial lashes, which will give more penetrating eye look, and will look nice on the wedding photographs. Please note that the photos absorbs almost 30 percent of the volume of makeup, so that young people who want their makeup to be visible in the photographs, should be reinforced.



Allow at least 40 minutes to an hour for make-up application on the wedding day.

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